All your idols are falling, falling.

six toes, double row of teeth. Bloodline nephilim.

sometimes dozens of snakes that just pop up out of nowhere at all. It’s a mind F first time you see it.

Reptoid rockstars.

Nirvana, a few months before being signed, jamming into the wee hours after a ritual slaughter and debauchery. Drunk on the blood of a child.

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The grounds shall remained sealed. And the grottoes. And synagogues in Jerusalem. No more demons to play with. It’s all empty motion for the blind now. Or willingly ignorant.

Doing the lucifer pound-me-in-the-ass movement they like doing. Degenerates.

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Angels above, demons, etc below. Something like that.

The center column is angels. The columns on each side, are the damned at varying ranks.

The big mess needing cleaning up.

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You must understand…it’s ALL OF THEM WITCHES.


Legions of loyal followers and actual bloodline children of fallen angels that feed upon us and our children. Their currency is our blood. Really. It’s the real wealth of their world. Not money. Money is a control tool to them. Nothing more. Because they run things, most of it. They own it all, mostly. People have the illusion of ownership, until they think you’ve had it long enough. It’s like that.

Welcome to hell, Blofeld.

depp – Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jack Hawkins, English Movie Star.

High Priestess of Isis – Nimrod, the beast.

Actual guy in Jr high that my sons had in their school. Nephy family, black. The Genesis curse, six fingers, six toes – Nephilim.

From the movie AIRPLANE 2.

Actress in partial shift.

Jude Law.

A witch with her shadow walker. Hat Man.

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And so it shall be. But also, With this awakening among all peoples everywhere, shall come strength and courage, vanquishing apathy and disunity.

And Dad has led us to:

Mark 9-12

12 And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things, and be set at nought.

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Yeah, it actually is ALL OF THEM.

For a guy who didn’t need to wear glasses, any time he was on camera, he put on his Wayfarer sunglasses. So, caught him, behind the glass, shifting. His eyes go from dark brown to light blue with slits. Even in black and white, its visible. So, in order to hit those high notes, he had to go reptoid.

Dude…you’re shifting. It is visible, if one looks.

Royal Phreaks. Back when all they had was makeup and gaff of living with the knowledge that all men everywhere that meet you, are thinking you are one of the ugliest set of women in the world.

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The worst case of this I ever saw was in 2004 on a gifting run in San Pedro. One of the lesbian wimmin that tagged along our group had half a dozen constantly popping in and out of her head, right in front of everybody. A glance about informed me they knew, but were surprised the demons were so keen on exposing themselves. She literally looked like Medusa. Just like the statues. I just stared, watching the shifting maze of critters, writhing and popping so very fast, up and then back down…my mouth was open. Have seen this all my life. All.

But this just caught me off guard. It took a few seconds to regain my presence of mind. Then found the group all purposely over talking small talk, to quickly change the chat so that I don’t get a chance to even say anything. In that same instant, I perceived it was

All of them.

Last group gifting run I ever did. I had to remove all their hexes and spells, from that moment on, or why bother?


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Pick any 10 people, places, or things. Pray against their evil enterprise, that it fail, become confused and conflate enemies with allies. Etc. Be simple, be clear, be direct, pray for His(Yeshua’s) Guidance and understanding.

It’s Thursday.

These blood drinking killers have had it their way for far too long, agreed?

When nephilim devils take a family portrait.

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