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Revelation12 alignment, in Ventura County, 9-23-17...

September 23 2017 Revelation 12 sign

Leviticus 23
1 Enoch
Love uprightness, and it alone. Do not draw near uprightness with an ambivalent attitude, and neither associate with hypocrites. But walk in righteousness, my children, and it shall lead you in the good paths; and righteousness shall be your friend.
91:5 For I know that the state of violence will intensify upon the earth; a great plague shall be executed upon the earth; all forms of oppression will be carried out; and everything shall be uprooted; and every arrow shall fly fast.
91:6 Oppression shall recur once more and be carried out upon the earth; every form of oppression, injustice, and iniquity shall infect the world twofold.
91:7 When sin, oppression, blasphemy, and injustice increase, crime, iniquity, and uncleanliness shall be committed and increase likewise. Then a great plague shall take place from heaven upon all these; the Kodesh Sovereign Ruler shall emerge with wrath and plague in order that He may execute judgment upon the earth.
91:8 In those days, injustice shall be cut off from its sources of succulent fountain and from its roots, likewise oppression together with deceit; they shall be destroyed from underneath heaven.
91:9 All that which is common with the heathen shall be surrendered; the towers shall be inflamed with fire, and be removed from the whole earth. They shall be thrown into the judgment of fire, and perish in wrath and in the force of the eternal judgment.
91:10 Then the righteous one shall arise from his sleep, and the wise one shall arise; and he shall be given unto them the people, and through him the roots of oppression shall be cut off.
91:11 Sinners shall be destroyed; by the sword they shall be cut off together with the blasphemers in every place; and those who design oppression and commit blasphemy shall perish by the knife.
91:12 “Then after that there shall occur the second eighth week -the week of righteousness. A sword shall be given to it in order that judgment shall be executed in righteousness on the oppressors, and sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous.”
91:13 “At its completion, they shall acquire great things through their righteousness. A house shall be built for the Great King in splendor for evermore.”
91:14 “Then after that in the ninth week the righteous judgment shall be revealed to the whole world. All the deeds of the sinners shall depart from upon the whole earth, and be written off for eternal destruction; and all people shall direct their sight to the path of uprightness.”
91:15 “Then, after this matter , on the tenth week in the seventh part, there shall be the eternal judgment; and it shall be executed by the malakim, of the eternal heaven - the great judgment which emanates from all of the malakim.”
91:16 “The first heaven shall depart and pass away; a new heaven shall appear; and all the powers of heaven shall shine forever sevenfold.”
The Trumpet of YHVH

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9-21-17 And the moon at her feet...

An amazing 3 days 9-20 to 9-23-17

The Daily Messenger: An amazing 3 days 9-20 to 9-23-17: New Moon Fall starts Autumnal Equinox Revelation 12, begins at sundown on Friday the 22nd, through sundown the 23rd on Saturday.
  • New Moon
  • Fall starts
  • Autumnal Equinox
  • Revelation 12, begins at sundown on Friday the 22nd, through sundown the 23rd on Saturday. 
  • The REAL Shabot, as revealed by YHVH in the Torah, not Sunday, as the Catholics changed it, in abomination. 
  • 1st of Tishrei
  • Feast of Trumpets
  • Rosh Hashannah
  • Witches Sabbath, as they do to be in opposition to Yeshua/YHVH
  • Rosh Chodesh
  • Entering the sign of Virgo
  • Jubilee Year alignment 7  70


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Revelation 12:3 Picture from Caltech, taken on 8-23-17

Image color table:graphical
Image scaling: Log, values range from 2.0979385375976562 to 3324.315185546875
Image size(degrees):7.5 x 7.5
Image size(pixels):300 x 300
Requested Center: 13 49 17.0 -8 27 2.3
Requested Center:207.32083333333333, -8.450638888888887
Coordinate System:J2000.0
Map projection: Tan
Sampler: NNSampler
Provenance:NASA IPAC/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Copyright:Public Domain

Created: 2017-08-23 20:07:16

Image is only visible in infrared spectrum, and on 9-23-17, sits just below Jupiter, the KING upon its birth...

The Great and Final truth of Earth, as it always has been...

Children of Adam vs the children of's a bloodline thing, generation to generation. Even a 50% parentage can be overcome by a simple act of declaring Yeshua as the Son of God, your savior, and allowing His Holy Spirit to reside in your temple, your blood. That fixes everything. And it is this one truth they do not want anyone figuring out.

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Revelation 12, creating awareness

Understanding comes from knowledge

Book of Jasher Chapter 28

Jasher Chapter 28

The garments that Esau took from Nimrod, were the very same garments made by YHVH and passed down through the lineage of which Nimrod stole and now, they were stolen from him.It was Nimrod's theft of these spiritually embued garments which, with his sour heart, made him a gibbor of great strength, cunning, and dark powers. The first AntiChrist.  DB

1. And in those days, after the death of Abraham, in that year the Lord brought a heavy
famine in the land, and whilst the famine was raging in the land of Canaan, Isaac rose
up to go down to Egypt on account of the famine, as his father Abraham had done.

2. And the Lord appeared that night to Isaac and he said to him, Do not go down to Egypt
but rise and go to Gerar, to Abimelech king of the Philistines, and remain there till the
famine shall cease.

3. And Isaac rose up and went to Gerar, as the Lord commanded him, and he remained
there a full year.

4. And when Isaac came to Gerar, the people of the land saw that Rebecca his wife was of
a beautiful appearance, and the people of Gerar asked Isaac concerning his wife, and he
said, She is my sister, for he was afraid to say she was his wife lest the people of the
land should slay him on account of her.

5. And the princes of Abimelech went and praised the woman to the king, but he answered
them not, neither did he attend to their words.

6. But he heard them say that Isaac declared her to be his sister, so the king reserved this
within himself.

7. And when Isaac had remained three months in the land, Abimelech looked out at the
window, and he saw, and behold Isaac was sporting with Rebecca his wife, for Isaac
dwelt in the outer house belonging to the king, so that the house of Isaac was opposite
the house of the king.

8. And the king said unto Isaac, What is this thou hast done to us in saying of thy wife,
She is my sister? how easily might one of the great men of the people have lain with
her, and thou wouldst then have brought guilt upon us.

9. And Isaac said unto Abimelech, Because I was afraid lest I die on account of my wife,
therefore I said, She is my sister.

10. At that time Abimelech gave orders to all his princes and great men, and they took Isaac
and Rebecca his wife and brought them before the king.

11. And the king commanded that they should dress them in princely garments, and make
them ride through the streets of the city, and proclaim before them throughout the land,
saying, This is the man and this is his wife; whoever toucheth this man or his wife shall
surely die. And Isaac returned with his wife to the king's house, and the Lord was with
Isaac and he continued to wax great and lacked nothing.

12. And the Lord caused Isaac to find favor in the sight of Abimelech, and in the sight of all
his subjects, and Abimelech acted well with Isaac, for Abimelech remembered the oath
and the covenant that existed between his father and Abraham.

13. And Abimelech said unto Isaac, Behold the whole earth is before thee; dwell wherever
it may seem good in thy sight until thou shalt return to thy land; and Abimelech gave
Isaac fields and vineyards and the best part of the land of Gerar, to sow and reap and eat
the fruits of the ground until the days of the famine should have passed by.

14. And Isaac sowed in that land, and received a hundred-fold in the same year, and the
Lord blessed him.

15. And the man waxed great, and he had possession of flocks and possession of herds and
great store of servants.

16. And when the days of the famine had passed away the Lord appeared to Isaac and said
unto him, Rise up, go forth from this place and return to thy land, to the land of Canaan;
and Isaac rose up and returned to Hebron which is in the land of Canaan, he and all
belonging to him as the Lord commanded him.

17. And after this Shelach the son at Arpachshad died in that year, which is the eighteenth
year of the lives of Jacob and Esau; and all the days that Shelach lived were four
hundred and thirty-three years and he died.

18. At that time Isaac sent his younger son Jacob to the house of Shem and Eber, and he
learned the instructions of the Lord, and Jacob remained in the house of Shem and Eber
for thirty-two years, and Esau his brother did not go, for he was not willing to go, and
he remained in his father's house in the land of Canaan.

19. And Esau was continually hunting in the fields to bring home what he could get, so did
Esau all the days.

20. And Esau was a designing and deceitful man, one who hunted after the hearts of men
and inveigled them, and Esau was a valiant man in the field, and in the course of time
went as usual to hunt; and he came as far as the field of Seir, the same is Edom.

21. And he remained in the land of Seir hunting in the field a year and four months.

22. And Esau there saw in the land of Seir the daughter of a man of Canaan, and her name
was Jehudith, the daughter of Beeri, son of Epher, from the families of Heth the son of

23. And Esau took her for a wife, and he came unto her; forty years old was Esau when he
took her, and he brought her to Hebron, the land of his father's dwelling place, and he
dwelt there.

24. And it came to pass in those days, in the hundred and tenth year of the life of Isaac, that
is in the fiftieth year of the life of Jacob, in that year died Shem the son of Noah; Shem
was six hundred years old at his death.

25. And when Shem died Jacob returned to his father to Hebron which is in the land of

26. And in the fifty-sixth year of the life of Jacob, people came from Haran, and Rebecca
was told concerning her brother Laban the son of Bethuel.

27. For the wife of Laban was barren in those days, and bare no children, and also all his
handmaids bare none to him.

28. And the Lord afterward remembered Adinah the wife of Laban, and she conceived and
bare twin daughters, and Laban called the names of his daughters, the name of the elder
Leah, and the name of the younger Rachel.

29. And those people came and told these things to Rebecca, and Rebecca rejoiced greatly
that the Lord had visited her brother and that he had got children.

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Book of Jasher Chapter 27

Jasher Chapter 27

1. And Esau at that time, after the death of Abraham, frequently went in the field to hunt.

2. And Nimrod king of Babel, the same was Amraphel, also frequently went with his
mighty men to hunt in the field, and to walk about with his men in the cool of the day.

3. And Nimrod was observing Esau all the days, for a jealousy was formed in the heart of
Nimrod against Esau all the days.

4. And on a certain day Esau went in the field to hunt, and he found Nimrod walking in the
wilderness with his two men.

5. And all his mighty men and his people were with him in the wilderness, but they
removed at a distance from him, and they went from him in different directions to hunt,
and Esau concealed himself for Nimrod, and he lurked for him in the wilderness.

6. And Nimrod and his men that were with him did not know him, and Nimrod and his
men frequently walked about in the field at the cool of the day, and to know where his
men were hunting in the field.

7. And Nimrod and two of his men that were with him came to the place where they were,
when Esau started suddenly from his lurking place, and drew his sword, and hastened
and ran to Nimrod and cut off his head.

8. And Esau fought a desperate fight with the two men that were with Nimrod, and when
they called out to him, Esau turned to them and smote them to death with his sword.
9. And all the mighty men of Nimrod, who had left him to go to the wilderness, heard the
cry at a distance, and they knew the voices of those two men, and they ran to know the
cause of it, when they found their king and the two men that were with him lying dead
in the wilderness.

10. And when Esau saw the mighty men of Nimrod coming at a distance, he fled, and
thereby escaped; and Esau took the valuable garments of Nimrod, which Nimrod's
father had bequeathed to Nimrod, and with which Nimrod prevailed over the whole
land, and he ran and concealed them in his house.

11. And Esau took those garments and ran into the city on account of Nimrod's men, and he
came unto his father's house wearied and exhausted from fight, and he was ready to die
through grief when he approached his brother Jacob and sat before him.

12. And he said unto his brother Jacob, Behold I shall die this day, and wherefore then do I
want the birthright? And Jacob acted wisely with Esau in this matter, and Esau sold his
birthright to Jacob, for it was so brought about by the Lord.

13. And Esau's portion in the cave of the field of Machpelah, which Abraham had bought
from the children of Heth for the possession of a burial ground, Esau also sold to Jacob,
and Jacob bought all this from his brother Esau for value given.

14. And Jacob wrote the whole of this in a book, and he testified the same with witnesses,
and he sealed it, and the book remained in the hands of Jacob.

15. And when Nimrod the son of Cush died, his men lifted him up and brought him in
consternation, and buried him in his city, and all the days that Nimrod lived were two
hundred and fifteen years and he died.

16. And the days that Nimrod reigned upon the people of the land were one hundred and
eighty-five years; and Nimrod died by the sword of Esau in shame and contempt, and
the seed of Abraham caused his death as he had seen in his dream.

17. And at the death of Nimrod his kingdom became divided into many divisions, and all
those parts that Nimrod reigned over were restored to the respective kings of the land,
who recovered them after the death of Nimrod, and all the people of the house of
Nimrod were for a long time enslaved to all the other kings of the land.

Nimrod at Uruk

Stars Are Angels! My Testimony

Signs in the heavens

9-1-17 Endless blood moons of all phases of late

a big blanket of love...and that's all. Very grateful for it-as we all are-given that when you are down from being hammered in every direction, its the only love you receive

9-6-17 Getting cooked into the ground, the crucible of fire

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The Daily Messenger: Evil in the Last Days

The Daily Messenger: Evil in the Last Days: 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.   2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, co...