Monday, July 20, 2020

The old switcharoo...Meet the New, DEMONIC Kamala

Welp, either:
  • She’s been cloned and replaced
  • shes on a heroic dose of shrooms and got the worst facelift ever
  • she’s a velon reptilian shifter class
  • shes been possessed in a masonic dark magic ritual to increase her powers

Watch the guy behind the guy talking. Total nephilim devil. The enemy.

The shift is subtle and you have to watch their eyes...
It's like this. Many people, without the right eyes, cannot nor will ever see this. There are two very good reasons for this. One or both is in play, if these displays evade you.

  1. Your Pineal gland is calcified. That's right, that beautiful geode crystal that is your pineal gland has turned to a gooey black tar, the result of taking in fluoride through bottled beverages, canned foods, drinking water of ALL kinds, EXCEPT DISTILLED. Distillation is the only method of water purification that REMOVES HARMFUL FLUORIDE.
  2. Our Father has blocked your ability to see. This, I've seen for many reasons.
Kyle found out before he was ready...and he reacted by killing them. The correct response is to sub-vocally intone the OUR FATHER prayer and send waves of Holy Fire in a large circle around you. Ends whatever they are up to pretty fast.
  • To Protect you from yourself. Many people cannot or will not handle the truth about the people around them...wives, husbands, coworkers, etc. The shock would be too much for them to handle. So, they stay blissfully unaware of reality, as it eats them alive, blocks them at every turn, and has one or more enemies INSIDE THE GATES, pretending to love you, but always working against YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. And for damn sure, keeping you away from the truth and lost in trivial pursuits.
  • Drugs have blocked your seeing. All drugs, both legal and illegal, are hexed commodities. Cocaine traffickers have stated openly back in the 1980s that they routinely hexed every shipment of yayo to America, with spells and hexes. It's terrible. Pharma companies do the same thing.
  • Your character is lacking, and you are not an honest person, by nature. Living lies, blinds us to all truth. Remember that. Truth only comes to the truthful.
  • What and where in your life, are you in constant violation of God's laws? Find out and fix that. Or stay lost, maybe for a month or a lifetime.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Comet Neowise from Ojai 9:40PM

Visible mainly in North America, West Coast. Traditionally, these things are portents of trouble on the horizon.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Full Moon

Last night, the moon-set was 32 degrees south of the ecliptic. Something, that in the alleged globular reality, is quite impossible. And still be full.