Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Southwest rain updates - ongoing since July 19 2022 ARSON FIRES

Heavy Rains by 4pm - to put out all those endless wildfires they swear on every site is legit.

And yet at the same tire, their official fire map shows and has been all summer, endless wild fires but how can you have huge massive storms a couple of times a week, raining right down on the very area these satanic slugs say has huge wildfires and all they show on tv, is footage from old fires, we'll all seen before.

See the problem above. Our Father takes care of arson fires on the double quick and they just put up wild blather and say "we have to close all the national parks because of the "wild fires." Tell me, how does a forest fire burn when an inch of water every 2 hours is falling on it? Waiting...

I haven't really covered east of the Mississippi River, as I've focused upon the original thing, everyone said was impossible, and we would never get every week those once in a thousand year monsoon thunderstorms that we are still getting. However, east of 'ol Miss has been getting hammered every single day; there are a great many DUMBS and complexes out that way.

A great many. 

This morning

Plenty of rain headed into northern Calif, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada

daily pounding of DUMBS and TUNNELS down Texas way.

This afternoon

They say there are literally hundreds of wildfires beneath these storms. Really? See, because when I pull up fire maps, 96% of these "wildfires" are little .1 acre lot fires that were put out days ago, but all the fire maps show these little trash fires as current raging firestorms. The satanic network lies about every single thing.

In honor of all their lies about fires, I prayed and turned my face against the NSA super centers in Utah, Los Alamos, the Calif state capitol, among a few other places this morning.

Big drought they say.  No rain, they say. I'm asking for double portions of rain going forward, because obviously what has been happening isn't enough.

Storms already growing in size and more states getting new storms...out of nothing and nowhere at all. The weather liars on TV must be having a ball trying to predict the coming's days events.

Tell me how all these fire storms they claim are active and wiping out the place, exist under all that water? So clearly, you need more water and tons of it. Certainly the lakes do.

The fairview fire ongoing.

What's this? A storm appearing just now over the Fairview fire? Sure is.

Today, this is the lower socal fire map THEY SAY IS ACTIVE RIGHT NOW. None of these exist on the map you see below, except one, and the rains came today and took it out. For the average person, who does not live in a region, they trust these official maps for the truth of wildfires and such. And they are being lied to ABOUT EVERYTHING.
And, turns out, the satanic gimps are mucking about now with the radar and weather maps, as they do. And as I always say, now its my turn.