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Friday, November 12, 2021

Getting bum rushed

Getting bum rushed



A quick few tips about dealing with demonics that have substantiation or are in a meat sack, human, dog, cat...pig. 

And Rake.

Is the moment they decide to assault you, they will move as fast as they can possibly go. Think of a charging lion. Once it decides to get at you, they cover ground rapidly. Same with rakes and every other single kind of incarnate demonic that is around in our time. 

Folks that follow ghost hunting and paranormal channels and researchers well know all the bizarrely different types of demonic creatures, that feed on the living, that are out there. Remember, in all cases, you have to instantly decide to fight or flight. 

If you are strong with the Holy Spirit  you have nothing to worry about. Only the people you are with are at risk. If this happens to be you, be armed and be accurate. There won't be any second chances. If however you are not armed in some way, nor willing and capable, then get into shape because you have some running to do when the time comes.

If you tend toward hiking in heavily wooded forests and the like, always double up with another. The days of the solitary go it alone are past for most people. Admittedly, I still do without a care in the world. My problem is drones and surveillance crews. To this day.

A demonic will ONLY attack if it is certain of success. 

For example, recent travis scott video emerged of a powerful demon going into select souls, picked from the crowd. The demon did all it needed to do, in the half second it was within each receiver of its particular brand of blasphemy. It didn't hop, one to another, hoping to find a doorway that was open. Not at all. They only make their move upon sure thing.

What is true of that dimension, which is just an aspect of our dimension, is the same here. Being certain, it will charge. Either you or someone you are with, is its doorway. However, rather than picking up a few new demons to animate through us, it wants to kill and eat. 

That's the new thing of this last generation. Hell pays a visit. And they're pissed off. 

I understand it's hard to hear these things, but what follows will be even harder. These things will have to be destroyed as you would a rabid dog killing and maiming people. You guys have to see it that way right off or quite a number of folks will die because folks hesitate, thinking this is a moral issue. I can see that.

But remember, we put people like Jeffry Dahmer in prisons and execute them for a very good and sound reason. Monsters should be destroyed. These creepers and rakes and such are monsters.

These are terribly horrific subjects. But someone who understands these matters must address this and so far, it has fallen to me to do. I've looked about. Everything else is outright comic book stories or painfully awkward guessing by video game folks who have never even heard of a archon...or their progeny. Most are skeptical, even with proof.

So, please pardon this necessity. 

When a rake transformation begins...


Saturday, October 9, 2021


There is enough proof by now for everyone here to have an informed awareness of what this time we are in is really about.