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Saturday, October 19, 2019

These latter times...

For times and seasons

These latter times...

by Don Bradley

1 Timothy 4:1-3
1But The Spirit speaks plainly that in the last times they shall depart one by one from the faith and they shall go after deceiving spirits and after the teachings of demons,
2speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron,
3Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

There is a big push on by the satanic network to omit meats from the west's diets. As with all of the commands given over by YHVH, the satanists are pushing in their controlled media and assets everywhere that eating meat is bad and they are now tying it into their climate hoax agenda. Soon, they will pass laws doing that very thing - first to make it so expensive to raise animal food stuffs to the point that farms will go bankrupt, to finally making it so expensive to eat meat, that people just abstain, because it has become too expensive. Finally, laws will be passed making the selling of meat in stores and restaurants illegal.

One of the great things about the Bible is that our Father gave us amazing road maps to what the devils - who claim this is all in our best interest - are doing in defiance with His precepts for a holy, good, and true life.

If you look, you realize everything the left/MSM/Govt is on about is an edict or suggestion of good living in the bible, but in opposition.  Every. Single. Time. Every single meme, movement, whatever, is in direct opposition/defiance to His holy plan for us so that we can have a good life here on Earth.

Lately, it's this whole BEYOND MEAT thing. Which is nothing but a bunch of soy filled with GMO created spices to resemble meat of varying kinds, but poorly so. And one of the results of this, is that soy is an estrogen mimicker. Which means you body treats soy protein as estrogen and acts accordingly to your body. It is also a stock market pushed company owned by the worst devils in the business. It is the point game leading the way so that the crazy making satanic left can scream about climate change so loudly, everyone bends a knee to this massive lie and does what they are told.

Meat prices are soaring because of this brutal attack on Dad's holy word. 

The problem with a vegan and strict vegetarian lifestyle is that the human brain and various other endocrine glands need 18 amino acids that can only come from meat, of some sort. Now, of course eggs do provide that gap closure, but sure enough, they are going after eggs next. In fact, they are telegraphing just that. They won't stop at steak and hamburgers. Eggs with breakfast or any other meal will be phased out with mind control psyops via commercials and snarky anti-poultry dialogue in TV shows, which is usually where they start in their attacks. Using doubt and guilt as their two main weapons to demonize meat and eggs. Already, in many states in the USA, laws have been passed limiting or banning ownership of hens in one's backyard. They are adding so many rules and regulations to hen ownership - as they do - as to make it near impossible to have laying hens. And, as anyone knows, free range non caged hens have the most amazing tasting and nutritious eggs extant. Whereas store eggs are flavorless, irradiated, and have thin shells. Because the hens are raised in horrific circumstances and produce accordingly.

Joel Fuhrman,, is the source for much of the vegan diet fad. The problem is people see the positive results of living under his fairly strict edicts and act like reformed smokers play-acting a coughing fit when they are near the smoking section. Truth is, these people probably never thought much about diet aside from what tastes good, so anything that puts limits on consuming calories will lead to some weight loss and improvements in overall health.

Fuhrman is on record as wanting to live beyond 120, and is willing to do whatever he can to achieve this goal. What he will never tell anyone is that like most of the agency's operatives, they all want to live forever, and drinking and bathing in human blood is one way they have to get around the Death date we all live under. Everyone born has a death date and no one, save YHVH can extend beyond that, and you have to ask and have a very good reason for the request.  Yet Satan still is allowed a certain amount of control over Earth, and life extensions is one of them, providing the person is an especially nasty stinker willing to kill as many of the innocent as he is ordered to do so.

And practically, in order to eat a balanced vegan diet, with the "ideal" proportions of all the nutrition we need will costs a fortune and probably leave most who cannot even find a store with all the exotic foods required out in the dark. The big problem with guys like this is they have the ear of the fussbudgets who tend to make the most noise to those in power, who then give in because they too are following orders. So we get micromanaged diets in schools, endless conflicting P-hacked studies, and blowback from those of us with cooler heads. And a lot of the other lifestyle choices he advocates, such as no exercise or weight training, are extremely dangerous and dubious, even if you want to live to 100+. 

The whole thing is a well-planned operation to make the world think this is just some naturally ocurring organic event leading to legislation, etc etc. It is not. The plan is developed. The players in each area are chosen ahead of time. The covens are given their orders in each community to make a big deal about whatever the plan is about. Those a little smarter write the books, who instantly  (like Jordan Peterson, who didn't even exist 2 years ago, and got instant worldwide recognition because the media constantly interviewed this nobody and made him a somebody) get enough notoriety that they become the darlings of some NEW MOVEMENT that results in legislation - and very fast and overnight - that makes radical changes in our world. Rinse and Repeat. I've seen this dozens of times. 

We live in an age of carefully crafted satanic movements all designed to increase our slavery to the Beast system.
  • Vaccines
  • Veganism
  • Climate Hoax
  • Agenda 21
  • Scientism
  • White Hate
  • Global Slavery
  • Complete loss of real liberty
  • and on and on it goes...

 Go through the bible and start compiling every verse that says
  • in those days...
  • in the latter days...
  • in those times...
  • in the last days...
like that. It will differ slightly by translation. Also, pray to our Father and Yeshua to guide you in this process. This is a good job for someone. And don't always trust seminary schools to provide a list of these guideposts. Very often they leave out a great deal of information. The seminary schools in the USA have ALL been taken over by the network. I have visited some of them. I was horrified by what I saw there. Openly gay and effeminate teachers and campus workers, class studies in gender fluidity and not in teaching what you would think they would be teaching, but in support of sodomite practices and as usual, big time fad and agenda themes. The catholic seminary schools are the WORST along these lines, and most of the so called catholic private schools teach every kind of abomination that is out there. It's sickening.

This is your and our road map to what is and will be, key identifiers not only to the times we live in, but where we are at in that time, and as well as to make known what is behind the latest fad/trend/meme whatever thrust upon us. 

As well, any agenda being pushed by the UN is ALWAYS AGAINST something that the Bible, our guide book to life, teaches. If the left is on about it, you will certainly find Dad's edict about right living of which they are against in every way and are demonizing. They do this so that most Christians and those who love God, are breaking His best intentions for us as a good life lived in decency.

Don (written on Shavuot and last morning of Sukkot 2019)