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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

News is predicting the storms will stop - really?

They gaslight, shill, show fake cgi storms coming from the gulf. None of what they do is the truth. 

The storms literally appear overhead out of nothing.

Every news cast on YT is full of lies and deceptions and they are cursed for what they do. I hope they don't know, either. They keep the people in the dark about reality and it is only fitting that the same should be their fate as well.

How you going to explain the plague of flies and locusts? Already packaging up and have sent out your CIA controlled lies among your media assets? Right? I know, "abnormally wet seasonal weather in the southwest,"

"climate change,"

or simply ignore it like it isn't happening. Well, tell that to the millions of people with cell phone cameras and twitter/tik tok, accounts. They won't ignore it. I bet you Edomites don't ignore it. Neither will coven assets. Or enclaves of the uber wealthy.

This isn't revenge. This is recompense.


This Morning (out of nothing)

Houston and Denver (big DUMBS in those locations on a daily.)

This afternoon (comes everything)

California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico.

This evening

Same pattern every day. Nothing in the morning, then out of nowhere and NOT from some gulf or ocean source, the storms appear. By 5pm it's going on. And hitting every where it needs to be. This is the hand of the Most High at Work.