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Saturday, March 19, 2022

A day in blessings, and that's every day, every hour, every moment

A day in blessings, Full moon and double buggles

Don Bradley

yesterday, a friend was over and we were discussing things that mattered, things of the Holy Spirit. Where we were, overlooking the Ojai Valley, we both commented that the last rain we had was over the xmas holidays and none since, because they are keeping the drought going without letup in the western US, as they do. 

Why not ask for some rain?

So we did. 

Now a few times a week I check with the online weather sites to get a sense of what kind of weather is in the upcoming, so as to make plans, bla bla. No rain, never is, it's the west of course, in an era of great evil. Yawn.

So, today, the next day, what do I see after a bright sunny morning of no clouds and the tempts climbing toward 80 deg? Tons of rain clouds and water heading my way. Check the weather thingies, and sure enough storm about to dump on us, our valley, and right now. When there was no radar or anything forecast YESTERDAY.


Thanks Dad...we love you. 

I'll keep adding pics as the storm comes in, but here is the leading edge sprinkles.


Rain drops keep falling on my deck...