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Friday, February 14, 2020

A horse of course

"And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with plagues and by wild beasts of the earth. "
Revelation 6:8

A horse of course

by Don Bradley

Around new year's and the week following it, going into January of this year, a brother who I've known for a dozen years and I were both led, repeatedly and without letup, in our daily spiritual journey of education as where Yeshua might lead us to the horse aspect of the Book of Revelations. We had decided to get together for a weekend, as we'd been doing for six months anyways, about once a month, to discuss things that matter, spiritually speaking. 

I've always, my whole life, looked forward to get togethers like this because I live with one ear perpetually listening to any and all guidance from on high. Like a soldier constantly manning the radar station, for any blips that enter the screen. Gatherings of two or more are great opportunities to discuss whatever miracles and teachings Dad has put in my or our collective path and then to discuss what they mean, what we can learn from the thing, and how best to build it into the life. You could say I literally live for such gatherings. They are usually very small...2 maybe 4 people. Very few people want or care to try to live life on Yeshua's razor's edge. For me, it's all there is. Mainly because I still glow like a child at the wonder of it all. The love. The caring from on High for one such as I. The endless barrage of help and miracles without end, that have been my blessings.

So, come Friday afternoon, we get together and as usual, what's up with you lately as Dad has led you?

The horses of revelations.

Wow. Me too. Every day. Every thing I turn to, am led to, wherever and with the book, it's the horses. Can't get away from them. In point of fact, I had on my web browser several articles and videos cued up that I had just the night before and morning, were watching. And did he want to jump right in the middle, as I was already in the revelation horse trough, so to speak?

Sure. Because that's been my whole week too.

And so it was, from Friday through Sunday, morning noon and night, we ate drank and slept, anything we could discern about the whole horse thingy from the Book. Often stopping and discussing whomever we had up on a video as to whether they were truly on about something insightful, or, as was often the case, completely out of their depth in regard to the topic and were only parroting something they were taught in seminary school. Or even worse, had used the topic to delve into some personal agenda that had nothing to do with the seven seals and the 4 horses.

It was because of this weekend, I wrote the article here

After three long days of banging the drum, we felt we were no nearer to the thing at hand, nor the purpose of taking note of revelation 6, then we were when we started. In point of fact, I chalked it up to going down too many alleys, all leading nowhere. I realized instantly our mistake. Others could not lead us, we should of prayed, fasted, and let Dad alone give us the knowledge, as He always does, DIRECTLY.

Until an hour ago. 

Totally wasted from a long and painful day of packing and prepping, by my onesy, to get ready for the last weekend of truck hell and high water, I took a shower, fed the cats, and passed out at 8. I woke up on fire, cooking as I call it, 4 hours later. With this in my head.

The point of the horses was yet another warning, among the three others I received on other things in my life (egret, etc) this last January about events hard by the door. By month's end, I found myself with more dead relatives, sons gone, and on the leading edge of the first awful plague of the 21st century, the Coronavirus.

The gist of this whole China, then world, plague is - IT IS REAL. IT IS JUDGEMENT. 

And, unless a great many of us repent in whichever ways that means to EACH OF US AS INDIVIDUALS, the this great curse will come over the world. If so, it will stop with Asia. 

If we do not turn aside to Him, and the spirit of renewal and redemption, however we understand this, in whatever form it means to us by whatever label we call the most high, by whatever system of belief you come to understand your connection with THE GREAT SPIRIT, YHVH. 

Many of us come from different faith systems, that is not what this is about. 

It's your personal knowing of right and wrong and how you are living that is wrong and repenting those errors, if any. Pretending you are perfect, when in the light of sincere asking for understanding and honestly attempting to bring fruits meet for repentance, is the issue.

I'm not here to cast judgement. That's Yeshua's thing, as He told us it was.

I'm just giving out, what was given to me, to you.

May enough of us hear this call, because this article is hardly a global call. That, I am informed has already gone out. A month ago and longer. The issue is


I cannot say how much longer we have before we are weighed in the balance, but that is exactly the nature of what is at hand. Also, I urge each of us to verify this with prayer and reading of the book, as He guides you, so you know the truth of the words you are reading right now. He will give it to you, if you sincerely seek Him, and not in some mocking, snarky, way.

As so many do...condemning them and us, to a horrific fate.

For He would have spared Sodom if 10 repentant souls were to be found. Per adventure, only 10.

Be one of the ten, i beg you. So to say.

It's the only thing holding back this unbelievable nightmare about to crash over our heads.


The day endeth nigh unto the earth, and for nations