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Monday, June 28, 2021

A lesson in enemy recognition UPDATED

A sigil is a magical gate or door. The reason the blood drinkers tattoo or wear certain jewelry with these kind of sigils is because it allows the energy of the demon or archon or power or principality to have a human/hybrid host to feed off of, but also to empower the same with its particular brand of corruption/blasphemy. 

So it's not just a flag of declarative loyalty, though it is that to the smallest extent. It's actual dark magic and contact with ANY kind of dark spirit, regardless of its rank in the hierarchy, the sigil must be known and employed in ritual, spell casting, hexing, etc. 

Because of this weakness in the satanic system, they can be easily identified any time because of the sigil. There are countless sigils within each coven's grimmoires. In our time, they tattoo these things nearly everywhere, but mostly over one or more of the etheric centers in the body.


In the above example, the various sigils at each point of the star of Repham, or the Hexagram are visible. This links Mr Kennedy with not only the demonic being called into focus at the center of the hex, but the ancillary demonics, another six in this particular case.

As is obvious by the above picture, this woke thing has A SIGIL around it's neck. And yes, the blood drinker killer actually says on its tik tok account that its preferred pronouns are IT-THEY. So, IT it is. For it is not a she or he, this is a concubine of the principality around It's neck, as can be seen. Notice the traumatized eyes of a predator, 3 whites of the sclera visible. It's transgender, just like Satan. A freak. A killer. 

This is enemy ID. And they make it easy in our time to spot the very worst. Because they all wear that CIA clown makeup of a completely mental and moral bankrupt soul that IT is. Stay far away from such things. Contact with Christians by this thing is to destroy and kill, non witches in our time. These eyes reveal that no tenderness or love has ever crossed the heart of this corrupted nafesh...ever. Ever. 

Be not deceived by any tears and cutesy sounding words that will come out of it; it does what it does to gain trust, to deceive, then to destroy. Once the enemy is identified as an Enemy of Christ, it makes you the automatic target of all the bile, hate, and ire. You cannot negotiate with an entity that wants you dead, above all things on Earth. This is because they hate Almighty God YHVH and His son Yeshua. And we are the only thing of our Father that stands as His Image on Earth and to hurt Him, they cannot. We are the next best thing. Hurting us gives them some miter of satisfaction because it destroys His remnant and spits upon the True Temple of YHVH on Earth, the Adamic souls of Salvation, grafted in to the House of Adam.