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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Why did all the abortion protests stop?

Can't find anything anywhere online. It's like a giant switch was flipped all over.

If anyone has a real moloch murder festival going on today, send me the link to it IN REAL TIME, see for myself. Not a site with a bunch of cobbled up clips faked to look like something is happening, because I WILL KNOW.

What? No more screaming harpies?

C'mon phreaks, don't you want the hand of judgment, too? Everyone's doing it. Now that the temples are kaput, it's time to mete justice to the priestesses themselves. If they protest for more murder. I know you Edomites, who arrange this stuff anyways, want this badly, so go ahead and throw down bigly somewhere today. Let me know about it.


Me love you long time.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Abortion is a human sacrifice ritual

Abortion is a human sacrifice ritual -- the most powerful known to exist. It was invented by eugenics operatives within the occult elite to curry Satan's favor while gaining his protection of their war making, usury, currency manipulation, and control over the minds of men.

Why is abortion the most powerful form of ritual human sacrifice? Because it entails the most defenseless victims conceivable (the unborn) being murdered by the very persons most duty-bound to love and protect them from harm -- their own mothers, and medical doctors who've sworn oaths to their gods to do no harm.

These ritual murders which society misnames abortions are, furthermore, carried out in a nonchalant and routinized fashion exclusively to facilitate hedonistic apathy, laziness and convenience; symbolically placing ten seconds of vaginal pleasure above the value of a human lifetime's worth of a living, breathing human being's consciousness.

In short, Satan loves abortion because it symbolizes evil within cruelty within evil. It proffers that a few seconds of vaginal contractions mean more than human life itself, and it does this using the greatest symbols of love and compassion (mothers and doctors), satanically inverted spiritual numbed, unfeeling executioners.

So the next time you see a western woman screeching about her abortion rights on the steps of some state capitol, look into her empty eyes and know that you're seeing more than a simple murderer. Look into her eyes and know that you're seeing a demon, the very definition of evil. And know that steady stream of death she inflicts on the unborn is what powers the elite's satanic karma.

the damned that follow damnation.