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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Southwest rain updates - ongoing since July 19 2022 ARSON FIRES America will be free from "fire season

This morning

Hey Bill Gates! Still want to blot out the sun with your demonic plan? I actually hope you do. Even your double, doesn't matter. 

Some planned arson getting pre-crimed off their operational shelf. Rains come before the fires. For the first time since the 1980s, America will be free from "fire season." A thing the CIA created to MKultra the population into thinking annual fire rituals to various powers, dominions, and demons has always been so. It hasn't. There was never, ever any mention of "fire season" back in the 1960s and 70s. 

"Fire season" is actually FIRE RITUALS to demonic powers, dominions, and demons so their nephilim plans for success can be assured; chemtrails and fire season are connected. And as the American Southwest has been a cursed land since before the flood (nothing grows there, hundreds of massive antediluvian tree stumps everywhere and endless desert.)

Another sunny southwest in the morning.

Some planned arson getting pre-crimed off their operational shelf. 

Today's weather chart said NO RAIN for Los Angeles. WRONG. You devils no longer control the weather, YHVH does.

See the two "active fires" they still have up? Those two fires have been out since the beginning of the week. Yet, they are on every fire chart you can find, as active fires and those poor helpless firemen/bugs taking credit for what the Most High YHVH did. That kind of blasphemy is offensive to me, every decent soul, and the host of heaven, be assured.  Taking credit for His moves is a bozo no no. (for Marge) 

That must be one of those new fangled "magic" fires that only show up on government charts. Fires that get rained on with big storms every day and never seem to make any progress. Those poor helpless firemen, however can they fight the new fangled magical fires?

This afternoon

This evening

Keeping the west's rivers and lakes well watered, taking out DUMBS, and slapping the odd fire. All a trifle for the Most High YHVH.
Double portions of storms visible. From now on, too. I bet the satanic cabal is hoping this all ends sunset full moon. No. My reporting of it will be twice a week, but not daily. 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Arson fires going out and the Rains Continue...

Arson fires going out and the Rains Continue


I love that each morning after a days' and night's rain, is a sunny sky filled with His Glorious presence. Google and every single search engine I could find, has completely blocked out any rain, weather, or storm images from being visible. It's like this biggest non-stop storm event in the history of the southwest - ever - and they are intentionally burying it from anyone who doesn't live in the southwest. Even if you live there, no one can seem to find a single storm picture of His Grandeur. And if you do, its some cheezy blacked out storm thingy with drizzle and no detail. Nothing of these glorious mornings He provides for the saints and the gentiles.

That's the control by the CIA over every aspect of our lives. If you cannot google a thing, it's not real. For most people, that is their truth. And the curse is upon the damned.

They hate that they've lost control and the narrative, which they were assured they had. If it were me, next demon session I would be demanding an answer of the lying whisperers of why their promises of total control and do what thou wilt, has come to nothing. 

Every day, your powers are not increased, but DECREASED. Swallow that one. Enjoy the meal, Edomite. I am, in serving it up to you.

This Morning

Texas, Nevada, California. Usual not much, sunny mornings. 

This afternoon

This evening