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Monday, May 3, 2021

At some moment


At some moment during these days of woe...

Don Bradley

It's going to occur to every single thinking person that what has happened to us...

  • was intentional
  • meant to be beyond their control
  • unstoppable
  • a bio weapon designed to weaken and kill
  • which actually only required to have a fraction of the population in each area to have the shot.

leading to either dying or surviving and being under moment to moment constant genetic change that was purposely ENGINEERED to have NO OFF SWITCH. That's when it hits you.

All you know and all you are, is slowly or rapidly going to be no more. Ever.

Only the possibility of Divine Intervention is there a way out. Because IT WAS DESIGNED TO GET OUT OF CONTROL. On purpose. With malice aforethought.

It's a sobering moment. Leading to some breath taking solemn minutes. Eyes wide, the whole magnitude of it all, finally capturing the whole attention of the mind and soul of each of us.

Spiritually, it's like a punch to the gut.



News items:

New Delhi is reporting around 450 to 500 deaths a day, just from the injection. Every single day. It gets worse. Each day in that city, 18,043 vax recipients come down with Horrendous side effects. The entire list in fact, of side effects. Then they get worse.

This is a horrific thing that has been unleashed. Horrific. 

This also tells us that western governments are burying the death stats, as well as the bodies.