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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Beholding a pale forerunner - Bill

Beholding a pale forerunner - Bill

Don Bradley

February 23rd, 2022

That whole period of 1997 through late 1999 was one of turmoil, stress, and on a near daily basis of wonderment and terror. For myself. Imagine all that you've learned up to now, this very day, being poured into you in those days; realizing that the entirety of the world around you was sound asleep. Other than a few odd places out on the web, you only and no one else knew about demons, reptoids, alien truth, nasa, moon landings, CIA, Paperclip, Camps, and satanism. Bill, and Jim Keith, Me, Cyberspace, a few others.

In 1997.

A very alone time. Like...the only soul in a sea of souls.

Now, everybody knows about chemtrails.

In those days, Cooper had a ham radio called HOTT (hour of the time) show and what we did was, tape the show and put out the mp3s on the web at 128k. That's how most of his stuff got around. I had two sites on geocities that each had a Cooper section and his weekly show. It's how the world got to know Bill. AFPN, myself, Cyberspace orbit, and another place in Arizona, I cannot recall their site offhand, were the main cooper distributors in those days. Camps, chemtrail awareness, and the NWO were my banners then. Seems like yesterday. Same battle; nothing has changed, except there are more faces out there listening. Yahoo killed those sites in 2002 (CIA).

In point of fact, it was because of that connection point and the radio shows I was doing every month back then that I came to know Don Croft in 2001. Right before they murdered Bill in November of that year. Of course 911 had also just happened and we were, even in those most early days, exposing everything we could find out about. still has those years archived, including my old links. This actually happened; we were the first to speak out. Of that original group of twelve, only three are still alive.

Around the clock surveillance, betrayal by everybody, attacks, setups, daily life. Not much has changed, except I've learned how to fight back since. In ways beyond their understanding.

But Bill was out front. He was marked. Knew it, too. He went everywhere armed. And like me, a great many traps laid he was warned about. Until that last time, when he took the bait and walked into a hail of gunfire. Poop...

I remember that morning. I was so hurt and angry at his death, awaiting word from his wife or a friend as to WHY and HOW did he die. By noon, I had the facts. The sheriffs were outside shooting off guns in the field across the street from their house and bill went out side with a pistol in his waistband, thinking it kids. They gunned him down; didn't call an ambulance for four hours, so he had bled out of a certain.

I cried. Pissed off. It's hopeless. How can we fight? And with what? Some things just stay with you, like a lingering cold nightmare that creeps into your mind from time to time. Our only weapon was Truth. I was disowned by EVERYBODY.

It's more than twenty years now. The veil keeps thinning. The war of the worlds proceeds apace. Some of us...are still alive. Amazingly.

But now, you are me 1997 and you are learning about Fake NASA (Bill), fake moon landings (Bill Again), the works. It's staggering, the size of the lie.


For it is but one lie, from which all others proceed. THERE IS NO GOD.

All lies are from this basic lie spread by Satan. That's the final ugliness of evil they keep the most secret, but is the main energetic sign of all the other lesser lies.

Think about it. You'll see.

No more sorrows, no more pain, hope we shall then, meet again.

Don Bradley