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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Most Popular Evangalist of the 20th Century - Billy Graham

Billy Graham, self proclaimed prophet of God


Another hero takes a fall. Put this together ten years ago and forgot about it (or it was another video...I did a few on this guy, it's been so long). His daughter has taken his place and now I believe the lesbian grand daughter is taking over.

These are blood drinkers. Not Christians. Not Natsarim. Not with Yeshua.

Here, I will bring every truth I find so you can be free from these delusions anchoring so many in confusion and misunderstanding all they see.

Billy boy's mission was about false gospel. The whole dispensation, rapture lie. Every doctrine he taught about the Way, the Truth, The Life with Yeshua was total garbage. It is always about money and success in Christ and going to a building to know God and all the rest of that demonic blather. 

It is in fact and in truth, about a loving relationship in our mind, body, and soul with Him, with Yeshua (Jesus.) Treat and relate to the Most High as your forever New Best Friend who loves you and wants to help you along in your life. That is the Way. That is the Truth. From the moment you arise, all the live long day, till you rest. He is there. Interact with that THERE that IS. And journey forward in joy, knowingness, and of course, spiritual freedom.

Get a KING JAMES BIBLE and learn about his loving ways. 


I've studied these monsters in depth. Graham, Aimee Semple McPherson, you name it. They were all reptoids, teaching terrible lies about the simple, loving relationship between YHVH and Yeshua, Father and Son. Yelling and ranting around stage, shaking their hands and deceiving...that is not the way. The deceiver uses that way. And mocks Dad. Which totally sucks, to me.

Every single time I heard and hear, these demonics speak, my heart tightens in my chest and a moment of dread alerts me to that ancient foe...the lawless one.

Our Father and Yeshua want you free from these devils. Given enough time, you will be. That, of course, is up to you. Today or someday, I hope.


There is a backside to all this. And it's very ugly.

In the near future, once Nimrod returns as the anti Christ, they will proclaim that THEY created Christianity and THEY were the REAL Christians all along. Then they'll trot out pictures, footage, and current relatives of these monsters to sell the idea. 

There will be an ENORMOUS falling away from the Way, because of this. This is and was, their big plan all along. Not only to deceive with false doctrine as the centuries went by (Catholics,etc), but to play a trump card in the final days, to clear out the fence sitters and lukewarm Christians who never bothered to establish a loving relationship with YHVH and His Son, Yeshua.

They thought of everything. Well, not EVERYTHING.