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Friday, January 3, 2020

Burning man 1985 and the Church of Satan, right at the beginning

What you are up against, a new series.

Timothy O’Neill, aka Elder Mech, held Wicker Man burns on Ocean Beach SF before 1986. Burn the man, then rituals back at the various safe houses they use for ritual work and body disposal.
In the above ritual, the person being slaughtered has her left arm tied down for blood drainage, into a cup. There is a great deal of information in this picture, look closely. Following the blood ritual and wicker burning, the orgy then ensues and so on. These victims are convinced being slaughtered for satan is some kind of great honor, not only for the coven, but mainly for them. Just wait until they see what is waiting on them on the other side. It isn't pleasant. But, by then, it's too late. It's always too late.

1985 Burning man on a witches sabbath. Church of Satan (Susan Atkins of Tate murders from COS), Process church (Manson family mostly from this coven), etc. The wicker and words are code.

Snake Theater Beelzebub Burn, Sausalito 1979. Gathering of the covens.

It's why they are allowed so much latitude, and all the signs and seals of each burning man are directly related to black magic satanism. Burning Man largest attendees are from the LGBTQFKO crowd. And anything goes, because as they post in signs, banners, and artwork, Do what thou wilt is always the theme at Burning Man. And who are they burning? Yeshua, many times, or the elect. It changes from year to year.  

I actually know a few people who never miss it. They are all LGBTQFUCKOPH. 

Prayer is banned in schools, but freaky deak trans clown pedos is A-okay with teachers of the very young. How damned is this world in the west?