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Friday, December 17, 2021

Sunday, July 18, 2021

More ugly nephilim in power THERE ARE NO ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE.

I've had all these clips from 2001 to 2018, a mix. Mostly in High Def. 

They cannot be reasoned with. We are their food. They want your children. To eat them. As they do. They want to create a world of slaves, the damned, and human servants they can breed and feed upon. That's their IDEA of a BRAVE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Oh wait. Never mind. I think reruns of Gunsmoke and Star Trek are back on TV.

Sorry for the snarky, but for 30 years, after educating folks, that is exactly what most do. Go right back to their box and programming. Put it out of the mind. After a little while, you convince yourself it's all the hoax of that madman, dorko. That's okay, too. But at least, on that day, there be no excuses when you must explain why you turned your back on the truth, when He delivered it to you.

Icke says aliens. They are none. Icke is a limited hangout out operation. It's why in MY LIFE, I have never used the guy as a source. He's nephilim, too. Once I see a guy shift, I trust nothing going forward. Sorry David, I saw you shift in 98.

Let me know how those death camps are, when you get there. Seriously, these celebrities, leaders, and beautiful people are anything but that and they are KILLING YOU ALL.

Obama lackey in shift at AIPAC conference in 2011.

As always, click on pic to enlarge.

Just before the shift, the pupils dilate. The teeth fang up, etc. Then, the slits and the smell.

They are all nephilim and hybrids

Not an alien, a demonic in a meat sack.

When Nephilims shift into demonic and visible envelopes...

Still want to date that super model hottie? This is what you are on about, a full shift reptoid that eats children. Go ahead, be a dunsky. As for moi, I preferred the plain Jane human types. Nothing kills the beauty faster for me than to see a pretty lady, who turns, smiles, then her fangs come out and her eyes turn black. Always a buzz kill, as the young guys say.

Brings new meaning to the phrase, two faced.

The above are mostly reptoids. Lizard people. Higher up the dark food chain. The lesser demons bend a knee to these abominations. Nephilim, blue blood.

This is W Bush's daughter, Jenna. Looking normal. Right....

 And that smell...pig vomit, rotting tuna, and decay. Oof. What a bummer.


And she is talking about children at this moment. Sigh... All you republicans who lament the "lost" days under Reagan Bush. Sorry, but you are fools to believe in such labels at your age.

A splice of our gravlevs, F16s, and Jenna. Thinking of murdering all the children she's slaughtered is what triggered her shift. FYI. These are NOT aliens. They are from here, the damned, Canaanites, bloodline of Lucifer. Another minute and she will turn green. But they killed the interview, just before that happened. These are 11th generation Hannebue German designs, by Rocketdyne and Lockheed.

Nellis AFB 1956. Hannebue 5 foreground. Series 6 in background. Also, Actor and Brig Gen Jimmy Stewart (the actor, yes) and Chuck Yeager. A brace of F86 Sabre Jets. Declas that got out some years ago and was wiped from the Internet. Astronauts...moon...hahahaha. All these servicemen in the Air Force. I know, let's walk up to them and thank them for their service. A service of lies, deception, chemtrailing us since 1959, and pretending to be aliens to trap us into worldwide slavery.

FBI demon boy. Famous for being a gimp going after Trump. Notice his horns emerging from under his skin as small pointy hills.

Pro Tip: Rather than use the lie global, say worldwide. One is a lie, the other truth. Return the narrative away from the psyop lie and towards THE TRUTH OF EARTH. DB