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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

This is the EU's "Doctor" Fauci

This creature is Chris Whitty. This is not a human being. This is a nephilim bloodline hybrid on one of the thirteen blue blood lines from the era of Nimrod and later.

First, demon boy carries the physical marks of a serial killer: the whites around the eyes form an occulted nimbus around the dark sun of its soul. It's nafesh isn't adamic. It is nephilim. This is an intentional reveal Our Father and Yeshua built into our pattern to reveal soul character. If you kill a great many, the area beneath the iris is visible. If the white is above the eye, you are a trauma victim.

Now, take a moment, clear your mind and ask, "Father please reveal his nature to me?" enlarge the image and take a deep look into its heart of stone. This thing is married to the Powers we call Death. That something like this is walking around in the daylight. Sobering.