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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dork sharing


Doing something that personally I always have been loathe to do. Sharing about my walk. My whole life, I had no teacher. No mentor. No one to point out the way. All I had was Dad. I know 25 year olds who have this knowledge, I would have figuratively killed for back in the day.

Everything I learned, He gave me to learn, and see, and know.

But, I am informed that others are quickly rising to their top and as such, those need a gentle understanding that they are NOT insane, crazy or off their meds. 

This is the way.

So, I've of late been externalizing my private reality. Most will laugh, regardless of proof. Good. This is not for you then. You are not the people this is for. Ignore it and slander away. That has never meant anything to me.

Frankly, I have been attacked by the very worst they have. Yawn.

As I say, my preference is my life is my life and who can really understand it? I've met none that have these experiences and you've not heard all, but a fraction of a fraction. As He guides to give it over. 

There it is. The why of all this.