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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Enemy ID: the Lucifer

the Lucifer

Don Bradley AV 15


  • bane of mankind.
  • is the literal spirit of rebellion
  • beady, shifting eyes full of demonic gleam.
  • hairless, bald as a windigo/rake is.
  • smells of death for he is its greatest champion.
  • sworn enemy of Christ, YHVH, mankind.
  • can assume pleasing or terrifying forms, as a skinwalker can.
  • commands the legions, the "whisperers".
  • Holy Word has him reincarnating several times, from Cain to Nimrod and Judas and beyond.
  • committed the first murder on Earth, of Abel .
  • the man who was, is not, yet will be.
  • All the great prophets speak of him in most cultures, his short time on the world stage, then demise.
  • Was Nimrod, tower of Babel infamy.
  • worshiped as Osiris, Horus, Apollo, Apollyon, Abbadon, etc etc.
  • always incarnates into a tall, powerfully built sorcerer/killer ruler
  • father is Satan.
  • commands the fallen, like Azazel and others.
  • Is the greatest enemy of the elect, the remnant, the saints all through history
  • its DNA is in every vax weapon load: Lucifer's Race, luciferase.
  • is literally, the abomination of desolation that sits in the golden bowl of the Holy of Holies within each soul that took the mark of the beast and is beholden to him - we are the 3rd temple, not a building, as Yeshua made possible and was the plan all along.
  • The saints of heaven will look upon him on judgment day and marvel incredulously that this was the thing that deceived nations.
  • is effeminate, weak, sneaky, issues doubt attacks with every word, and demands blood from its nephilim hybrids on earth.
  • is literally dickless, one testicle.
  • when in meat sack, is blind in one eye.
  • tries to appear when observed on the land as something totally harmless, to make his victims relax.
  • small stature, a literal gimp.
  • lord of the flies and of all loathsome creeping things, his literal only REAL kingdom. 
  • sits in darkness, with his senior devils, and in filth - prefers it.
  • is always out in the world as a trans-dimensional being, can manifest anywhere, anytime, except upon Holy Ground or where the presence of the Holy Spirit is in someone. Or unless invited in.
  • knows he is doomed from day one, doesn't care.
  • the secret to his success is getting not only the children's blood, but their minds as well; his ace in the hole is education/amusements/the arts.
  • wants to take as many souls with him and his nephilim demons to the pit.
  • is incapable of mercy, understanding (except as a ploy), love, or concern.
  • this is what the edomites, witches, and satanists worship as a god, amazingly.
  • is frankly a stunted twerp of a phreak with not a single redeeming quality.
  • is relentless on the attack.
  • teaches his minions that Christians are weak, stupid, and gullible and easily deceived.
  • has commanded his assets in the world to take every good will of YHVH in the Bible and pass laws to be in opposition to it; EG, "be fruitful and multiply" is now destroy humanity as a whole and knock it down 95%. They are half way there.
  • knows he cannot win, but has convinced his minions they have a real chance. And they believe they might have, had the a couple of regular christians not shown up and ruined every single plan he had on the table. Now they just want destruction ala if I can't have it, no one can.
  • hates sunlight, as do all demonics, and wants the sun, blotted out from the sky
  • is easily defeated by those with the Holy Spirit, very much so.
  • has been a constant pain in my...Axx...for as long as I can remember. I have had, and after this year especially, too many to count run ins with this beasty. They no longer send the legions on me, it's just the little horn
  • if the world could see him as he really is, they would be astounded at the man who deceived nations and brought evil into the hearts of men.

The hairless slug, with the legions behind him