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Friday, December 24, 2021

Enemy Identification: Phreaks

Yet another installment in understanding the damned as we find it all around us in the world today. There is a reason the Holy Word has said...

Exodus 22

18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

When standing, men's feet point outward-splayed-women's feet point straight ahead. The mayor of Chicago is a man. Beetlejuice, the bug eyed phreak.

Beetlejuice threatens Chicago this week, on the witches black sabbath of Yule.


Phreaks of the Matrix.

The phreak brigade insists that women should smell their shite, because they are admitting what I have been saying FOR YEARS. These demonics have such a bad odor-and phreaks smell the worst-that they cannot hide it. So, they want it to be a shared experience. And phreaks like this insist they are sane and we are CRAZY.

Stage one of the demonic shine is the gaping open mouth, tongue visible; stage two is intense predator stare; final stage is that glowy presence of the demon looking out upon the world for the first time in thousands of years.


stage two is intense predator stare, usually the psychopath 3 whites visible

final stage is that glowy presence of the demon

stage two is intense predator stare

stage two

Trans Troons

41% of all trannies commit suicide.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Enemy Identification - nephilim assets control everything


Once you understand the two bloodline reality, things get real clear, real fast. These inhuman slugs and gimps are here to murder us, torture and eat our children, and fill the streets and rivers with our blood the very day the word is given. Until that time, they lie, poison, control, sterilize, abort, and damage our dna every chance they get, even with soft drinks.

Yet, still we obey and serve, like dumb cattle. 

Wake up the people you love, at the least. They have to know if they are to even have half a chance. No one would have taken all those shots if they had known this truth.


Lobby of Corporate Bank of America

CNN Hag from the 90s. Guess what she is...

When you're dead, you're ability to repent and receive grace ends. For good and all, in End TImes. No more lives to work it out, fix and atone, or grow as a soul. Finish.

Canaanite nephilim have been with us since before the flood. And they were the same stinkers then as they are now.

Phreak witch Melinda Gates, baby killer.

Vatican has Moloch statue with eye of horus, black sun, etc.




Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Enemy Identification

Here are some PROOFS of how they usually appear. Happily, this is becoming more commonplace. I say happily, because at least, if you pay attention and look people in the eyes, they generally will shift as they get angrier and angrier at your calm composure in the face of raging evil.

All those hot chicks in magazines? Every single one is a nephy, blood drinking, child killing, witch.

I've actually uploaded footage of this model during an overseas TV interview, and she constantly shifts on camera.

A model with slits, hand over eye (Eye of Horus signal), radiating Lilith lust energies. And all the women want to be her.

It was stated that the entire court gallery at Rittenhouse trial was packed with nephy witches, to color the energy going out into the world with dark, satanic energy. Here is one of the gang, in shift. Fat, dumpy, lesbian witch, check.

Full whites visible, check. Slit, check. Nephilim psychopathic killer, check.