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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Evil part 2


The children of a whole milk, neph family. She is on her way to being yet another nasty, blood drinking witch.

Want to be a famous actress? You have to be nephilim, or you're just an extra on the set. Not even that anymore.

Where to begin with this one...

Famous personality...Joe what's his name. Nephilim.

They're all around you. If ever you're around someone who blinks constantly, it's to hide the fact they are shifting into slits, then the black eyes. The blinking helps them reset themselves, for a moment.

Madonna...this nasty creature smells as bad as the Hildebeast, if that's even possible.

Guess what she is?

The beast in the 1990s.

The world became a better place when this creature took the dirt nap.

Spoken like a true blood drinker.

Hitch hikers change you. Never for the good. Never.


Tolerance they say. Yeah. Sure. And then you murder us in our beds. Yeah...we know.

Guess what this thing is?

A full shift reptoid.

This is what happens when people with influence get too close to the covens. They get murdered.