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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fallen Watchers part six Sivan 25

 Fallen Watchers part six, Sivan 25

I believe this to be a "binding tie". Notice here that the "eyes" in this little horn, are LIKE that of a man. Its NOT saying they ARE of a man. The bible says that the Antichrist "does not worship the gods of his fathers", that's because his "fathers" DIDN'T WORSHIP ANY GODS, THEY WERE THE GODS, THE NEPHILLIM AND THE WATCHERS! The "god" he is going to "worship" is HIMSELF, a GOD OF FORCES! (his supernatural abilities). This is why he "regards no woman", for he MAGNIFIES HIMSELF ABOVE ALL!. He "worships" and believes HIMSELF AS GOD!. He doesn't think the need to "procreate" to extend himself, after all, he's GOD (eternal!, in his mind, and well... as I've shown, he REALLY KINDA IS!). Do you SEE the scenario? There is another little tidbit as to his true identity:

"Woe unto you that desire the
day of YHVH...
as if a man did flee from a lion,
and a bear met him; or went into the house,
and leaned his hand on the wall, and a
SERPENT (Antichrist)
bit him (kings of the earth)

(Amos 5:18-19)

This couple of verses of scripture have been generally interpreted as the "betrayal" of the kings of the earth, by the Antichrist (Not his nephillim "kings"). It could possibly be alluding to the three "horns" that are plucked up by the "little horn" (Antichrist) in the book of Daniel. Regardless, he is a SERPENT!. This is not just by happenstance. This verse can be interpreted many different ways at the MOMENT. We will not know for sure until these "personages" are revealed. "Serpent" is translated here [Strong's ref. 5175 nachash], with descriptions inferring "eyes" or "observing", and "magic spells" and "divine" as adjectives.


Contrary to today's prophetical interpretation, the Antichrist does NOT become "POSSESSED" by Satan!. Satan is "cast down" upon the earth to be WITH the "Antichrist", and the "False Prophet" (satanic trinity) , as well as being met with a HOST of demons "from hell beneath..." (tartarus), and nephillim "to fulfil my wrath..." (as shown earlier). These three are brought together with their "host", dragging along with them the WHOLE WORLD, to fight a battle called Armageddon against GOD ALMIGHTY!. Can you understand the utter INSANITY of this scenario! But this is what the bible shows

"And I saw
unclean spirits
L  I  K  E   F R O G S
come out of the mouth of the dragon, and
out of the mouth of the beast,and out of the
mouth of the false prophet".

(Revelation 16:13)

Thomas Feb 2022 UN, flog snargloid demonic makes an appearance.


        As you can see, there are "3" separate individuals referred to here. There are three "unclean spirits" (demonic), that proceed from the mouth's of these three. It states that they are like "FROGS" (see pic above). The text states that they come out of their MOUTHS. The reason that I say this, is that there has to be some kind of "out of this world" reason for what happens next:

"For they are the
working miracles,
which go forth unto the
kings of the earth
and of the
to gather them to the battle of that great day
of God almighty".

(Revelation 16:14)

     I want you to notice here that "they" are the "spirits of DEVILS!". Now, according to modern day interpretation, devils ARE spirits. So, how do you make sense of this phrase? Because the "devils, are something other than the "spirits" that proceed from them. They proceed forth from the "mouths" of these three in tandem with the "working of miracles". This draws the WHOLE WORLD to battle, through the "kings of the earth" (ALL leaders), against whom? GOD ALMIGHTY!

What this is all referring to ladies and gents, is THE LIE OF ALL LIES!. This is a "specific" LIE! This is the one talked about by the Apostle Paul (2 Thess. 2:11). There is only ONE scenario that can possibly create this event. I don't care how you slice it, dice it, rationalize it, or equate it. This can NOT, nor will it happen unless the WHOLE WORLD does NOT know that it is GOD ALMIGHTY! That is all there is to it!. They are not going to know whom they are fighting against, because they are told it is someone or "something" else. AN ALIEN INVASION?, while the beast, false prophet, dragon, nephillim, demons, and UFO's with there ALIEN occupants are DOWN HERE with the rest of us all working together to prepare for a battle against Christ, like one big happy family!. This whole plot comes to a fiery end ON THAT DAY, which is specifically referring to the "day of YHVH", the return of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, and the day of WRATH:

"And it shall come to pass on that day, that
YHVH shall punish the
of the
H I G H  O N E S
that are 

O  N   H  I  G  H
and the kings of the earth upon the earth".

(Isaiah 24:21)

       That day here folks is Armageddon. I want you to notice the next line, YHVH "punishes" the HOST that are ON HIGH. Its important that you note where they are at, on "high". From the perspective given of the Lord's return to earth, the "kings of the earth" are BELOW him, and the "host" ABOVE him, as Christ comes "in the clouds" and from the east. YHVH is also very specific here now, they are the "host" of the HIGH ONES! (nephillim, aliens, UFO's). YHVH specifically gave what direction to look at for his return.

"Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers,
as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the
shadow of a CLOUD:
the branch (Antichrist?) of the
(Archon Invasion of Fellers)
shall be
brought low".

(Isaiah 25:5)

The term "terrible ones" is an extremely interesting term. The translation for the word terrible is quite interesting as well as unique, its [Strongs ref. 6184 ariyts, aw - reets; fearful, i.e. powerful or tyrannical:- mighty, oppressor, in great power, strong, terrible, violent]. There are many translations for the word "terrible". The implication of the beginning of the verse from the end says that the "terrible ones" were STRANGERS (alien, foreign, check the translation out yourself). Its also interesting to note, that there is the "allusion" of Christs return with "the heat with the shadow of a CLOUD". The "branch" of the terrible ones is being equated with Isa.14:29 (fruit of the Antichrist, the terrible ones), and a couple of other passages of scripture. And even more so, we find this "strange" statement come out of the mouth of God that is ALWAYS misinterpreted.

"Thus shall you say unto them, the
G  O  D  S
that have
not made the heavens and the earth,
shall perish from the earth ,
and from under these

(Jeremiah 10:11)

This is YHVH speaking here in first person. It is directed at the "humans" of the earth. YHVH is NOT, acknowledging other "gods" here (none is like unto himself) , he is acknowledging that we (humans of the world) believe THEY ARE GODS!. Remember what scripture says "mens hearts failing them for FEAR of those things that are coming UPON THE EARTH!". Another thing, if God is only referring to "statues" and "idols" here like the "brain-trusts" of the Church want you to believe, than show me where these statues and idols are in the sky, because that's what this verse says (heavens). There is a definite correlation taking place here as you shall see concerning the UFO agenda of their occupants, and the prophetical outline of the last days. So let us now turn our attention towards another piece of the puzzle.



The last-days are centered around "Babylon". Contrary to what contemporary Christianity interprets Babylon to be, as well as being a "system", both economic and spiritually, it is also a "place" and not in Iraq or somewhere in the middle-east. There are over 150 parameters identifying this "Babylon" of the last-days. There is not space here to delve into this in great length, but prophecy related to the Tribulation period, is focused upon "Babylon" the NATION (place). I would like to now discuss some verses of scripture, so as to give you more of an understanding of the "invasion" scenario, right from the Holt Word. We shall examine some in depth etymology of some of these words used.

"For out of the
there cometh up a
against her, which shall make her
land desolate, and none shall dwell therein:
they shall remove, they shall depart, both
man and beast"

(Jeremiah 50:3)

out of



from out of the

the north



hidden place, in remoteparts of the north, 
where God lives

cometh up



the top, the highest/above or

a nation



aliens, foreigners, a body of people or animals, locusts

As you can see here, there is MUCH more than meets the eye here in the original language. The most interesting word of this verse is the word "great". The Gesenius Greek and Hebrew lexicon annotates the use of this word in reference to the "Anakim" (Darth Vader's maiden name before he became Damned, in the movies). It should be stated here, that this word is actually borrowed from the ancient Sumerians word "Annunakki". The Annunakki were gods in the ancient Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh (the Enuma Elish). They were said to have "descended" from the skies, "mated" with woman and produced demi-gods, then re-ascended after the "deluge". The word for "assembly" here is extremely unique. Brown-Driver-Brigg's Lexicon says that it is used especially of "angels" or"sons of God". YHVH is even more specific as to where the north is in relation to this "invasion". A couple of words can say a lot.

"Come against her from the

(Jeremiah 50:9)

come against her



go down into war, especially suddenly



the utmost border



an end, or extremity of the earth or the idea of extreme remoteness as to being nearly infinite!

Antarctica. No other extreme and utmost border in any direction away from the north star (whence the center of Earth be-Polaris. 

Are you starting to see that some of these adjectives are used in direct connection with "edge of the world"! Listen, "Russia" is NOT the "nearly infinite"!. All of these adjectives in the translation infer EXTREMELY REMOTE, VERY AFAR OFF, AS BEING NEARLY INFINITE. The damned above, yet to be cast down and the damned below, beneath the waters. Refer back to Isaiah 13, and the "nephillim" that come to fulfill God's wrath!

"T H E Y
come from a
far country, from the
E N D  O F  H E A V E N, 

even YHVH, and the weapons of his indignation, to
destroy the whole land (world)".

(Isaiah 13:5)

from a far



remote, very
distant, afar off,
very afar off




a world.

from the end of



infinite, an end or an extremity of space-
time, extremely 




above the firmament.

The word to be noticed here is "heaven". The choice for the word "far" is very specific, he could have used others antiquated to "terrestrial distance". The same goes for the word "end", it is used in connotation of the"extremities of the universe"!. This just isn't happenstance. The "invasion against Babylon", comes from saturn, draco, and those stars in rebellion and the nephillim have been directly connected in these translations. As I've said, what meets the eye is not necessarily what its saying. You have to look "under" the covers by looking into the original translation in the original language it was given. "Babylon" is a central theme in the last-days according to scripture. She will be completely decimated in the end for she will never be inhabited again FOREVER

The scripture reveals some strange things when dealing with all the events surrounded with the last-days. Let's look at something here that is directly connected with what is referred to as "locusts" in the books of Joel and Revelation, and is in reference to the last-days.The "locusts" have always remained a mystery in modern theological prophecy interpretation even though they will not admit it, and always interpreted out of context and "comically". What meets the eye on the surface, is not always what it means "underneath" in the original translation. This next verse alludes to "locusts" when you exegete it. This verse is in reference to Babylon, and the invasion that is brought upon it by DEMONIC BEINGS when you scrutinize it closely. There is no mistake about it, much of what you read is not exactly how it really is supposed to be read and understood. The passage of time, tradition, and RELIGION, has buried the real truths. I believe Jeremiah is directly connecting this verse with that of the "locusts" of Joel, and Revelation:

" together against her the kingdoms
of Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz; appoint a
against her,
cause the horses to come up as the
rough caterpillars".

(Jeremiah 51:27)

call together



announce/call or summon

against her



from the top,
from the above

the kingdoms of



a dominion, estate 
or country, from 
#4427 "malak" = to reign, also connects 
to "angels" = "ma'lak" - #4397




Mt. Ararat





and Ashkenaz



Bosnia (NOT Germany) acc. To Gesenius




appoint or assign 
an officer to be in charge

a captain



lit. a "prince of height", a certain superior angel of high rank, prob. "kosmokrator" class/rank angel/being

against her



from the top, from
the above, from the highest

cause the horses


"NOT in the original"

come up against



from the top, from above

her as the rough



rough, bristling, horn-likesheaths of a pupa




a kind or type of  locust

As you can see by the exegesis, in NO WAY does any of this antiquate to "human activity". It should be pointed out here, that the phrase "cause the horses", has been ADDED to your bible. This is NOT in the original text. The "captain" spoken of here is specifically translated as that of a "angel" in the original Hebrew. Take good note of the reference to the "rough caterpillar". The translation is inferring that of a kind of "pupa stage" for these "locusts". The inference here is to imply that the "identity" of these "locusts" is hidden at the moment, to be revealed when they are brought forth out of the "cocoon" (pupa). 

Note the allusion to "horn-like" in the translation for "rough". As shown earlier, a lot of the "horns" we dealt with earlier, are directly antiquated with "nephillim". Locusts are noted for "flying in massive swarms", to such an extant that they can block out the sky of sunlight. The exegesis of the word "caterpillars" is even more specific, they are KIND of like "locusts". It is not directly saying they are locusts, because they are NOT. They are kind of LIKE (in how they function). "Flight" is definitely inferred in the translation. This "kind" has the ability to fly where as I've already shown, some members of the fallen host do not share this ability. Lets look at something else now, to show you what I'm talking about.

"And there came out of the smoke
L  O  C  U  S  T  S
upon the earth:
and unto them was given
as the
of the earth has power".

(Revelation 9:3)

As you will notice in verse two before this, these "locusts" come up from the "bottomless pit" (correctly the "abyss"). The word for them in the Hebrew is"akris"[Strong's ref. 200] which means among other things,"pointed", and as "lightning". Have you ever seen video of UFO's doing maneuvers? They can reach speeds of 17,000 mph., and when caught on film, it leaves the appearance of "streaked lightning"! What is caught on film is the "light trails" in jagged non-uniformity suggesting rapid direction change in acceleration. 

There is also the allusion in the translation of "locusts" as to "having access to the tip-top, or the utmost parts"!. Verses 7 to 10 will tell you what they looked like. Verse 11 tells you it is a "kosmokrator" class/rank angel called ABADDON that is "prince" over them. Verse 5 tells you that they are given power to torment men for five months. You take a good look at this passage and you tell me that were dealing with "puffs of wind" here? I think NOT!. This verse is NOT antiquating interaction between man and non-physical reality! On the contrary, it is being very "specific" as to description of interaction. These things in this instance are being referred to as locusts "symbolically", as pertaining to FLIGHT!. There is no question here it is referring to "demonic beings", but is there anything else to show us just exactly "who" of the demonic hierarchy we are dealing with here? 

In verses 15 and 16, we find that 200,000,000 of these things are let loose to destroy 1/3rd of mankind, under the command of 4 "commanders" who are subordinate to "General Abaddon". Read chapter 9 very carefully, pay attention. These "locusts" are very strange in appearance. There is no doubt that we are dealing with "supernatural beings" here. These things are allowed to unleash on mankind, torment for 5 months. The description of these things is very interesting, but what's most intriguing, can be missed very easily. Towards the end of chapter 9, the description of the "locusts" is yet expounded once again. The "power" of these things is in their "mouths" and in their "tails". The "tails" in fact are distinct entities of themselves. Take a good look at what the "tails ARE:

"For their power is in their mouth,
and in their tails: for their
were like
S  E  R  P  E  N  T  S, 

and had
h  e  a  d  s,
and with them they do hurt".

(Revelation 9:19)

Over and over in this chapter, we are told about the "power" of the "scorpion-like" tails of these "locusts" with man/woman/beast "visages". We are told very quickly (and once I may add) a little more detail about the tails of these "things". If you are not paying attention when reading this chapter, you will completely miss it. The inference is very subtle. They are like unto SERPENTS!. I now ask you to refer back to Isa. 14:29 (fiery flying serpents). Are you getting the picture? This is not talking about "snakes", It is distinctly referring to "demons" in the etymology. 

This is a "plague" that is brought upon mankind. The typology is evident when one relates back to Numbers 21:6. A plague of "demons" was brought upon the Israelites in the desert before they entered the Promised Land (Canaan, home to most of the nephillim races!). A plague of 200,000,000 "locusts" (demons) will be brought upon the world before the reigning in of the King of Kings and the millennium. Furthermore, John relates that the "tails that torment" also have "heads". This is something that has been completely looked-over in prophetical interpretation. The "tails" are distinct beings with "heads", which alludes to "personality". The translation used here is "ophis"in the Hebrew (Strong's ref. 3789)with the reference to "eyes" in the translation (watchers/nephillim?), and directly related to Satan in the meaning. The torment inflicted by these "locusts" is like the "sting of a scorpion"

Do you know what the effects of a scorpion bite are? If not treated, the victim will lapse into "paralysis", than eventual "toxic cardio-pulmonary shock", or more commonly referred to as a "heart attack" (heart failure). Now, I just want you to read Joel 2:1-11 over carefully. It is also talking about the same events Jeremiah and John are talking about. The added phrase in Jer. 51:27 (cause the horses), was taken from Joel 2:4. This chapter is in harmony with Rev. 9. These are "locusts" (flying serpents, UFO's) that are being inferred here.

"Like the noise of chariots on the
of the
shall they
like the
of a
flame of fire
that devoureth stubble,as a
strong people
set in battle array".

(Joel 2:5)

The imperative word in this verse is "shall". These "things" are antiquated with the "appearance of "fire" or "brilliance". The translation shows they are not on fire, nor do they "burn things up". It is viewed LIKE unto these things. What is being shown here, is "access of (sky)", how "fast" (noise), and how "efficient" (burnt stubble). Read verse 6, that translation for "mighty" is "gibhor", giant, or what it really is called, nephillim. Verse 8 infers they have "supernatural life". Verse 9 sounds like an "alien holocaust" (it leaves the ever so slight after-thought of "mass abduction"). Verse 10 tells you these are definitely NOT"men". I've heard every interpretation there is on this passage, and every-time they put this passage in the context of "humans" doing these things, it becomes comical.


Probably the most famous passage of scripture that people relate to as describing a UFO, or UFO's, is Ezekiel ch.1. To the shock and amazement of most who hold this view I would expect, this passage is NOT describing UFO's. Let me show you what is being described here. Read chapter one very carefully first then turn your attention back to this document. Think about what your reading. Ezekiel is "viewing" this, so "picture" what he is viewing. Ezekiel describes a lot of detailed "perspective" here as to his surroundings, and what they look like.

"And I looked and behold a
came out of the
a great cloud, and a fire

and a brightness was about it, and out of midst of
it was the color of amber. out of the
MIDST of the fire".

When they come, look for this light in the night sky and color. It's the sign and seal of the event. DB

(Ezekial 1:4)

I want to reiterate something here again, the "north" is where YHVH "resides" (in the sides thereof) according to scripture. The "north" is where heaven is. A "whirlwind" came out of the "north". The translation here is distinctly different than the others. It is [Strong's ref. 7307 ruwach, roo - ahk; wind; by resemb. breath, a violent exhalation: fig. life; by exten. a region of the sky; by resemb.spirit, tempest, whirlwind]. What your going to be shown here, is that something is being given BIRTH  too. This is also descriptive of the life giving "spirit" of God. This is a "vision" of and on a massive scale. Out of this "infolding fire", comes "creatures" of various appearance. The descriptions of the "creatures" are not as important as to their "actions".

"Their wings were
one to another; they
turned not
when they went; they went everyone
straight forward".

(vs. 9)

If you study this little verse by itself, you'll find that this illustration cannot work if you are picturing this in two dimensions. This can ONLY be properly understood if you are thinking 360 degree "panoramic" view (spherical). What Ezekiel is looking at is the "night sky" from the perspective of Earth. The creatures are "cherubs" and they are ZODIAC!. They are "constellations of stars" that we see in the night sky:

"Now as I beheld the living creatures,
behold one wheel
U  P  O  N
the earth
by the living creatures, with his four faces".

(vs. 15)

Take careful note of the "wheel UPON the earth". Ezekiel is looking at the "horizon". The answer to this whole riddle is in how the "wheels" work or move. Without getting into a prolonged detailed analysis, I think you should be able to get a pretty generalized picture by the next verse.

"The appearance of the wheels and their
work (construction), was as it were a
wheel in the middle of a wheel...
And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by
them: and when the living creatures were
lifted up from the Earth,
wheels were lifted up...
for the
of the living creature
was in the wheels".

(Ezekiel 1:16-17-19-20)

The "wheels within wheels" are the "terrestrial stars" going around in their "orbits". And "when the living creatures went", that is, when the "constellations" went around in the heavens, "the wheels went with them". The wandering stars in their orbits went around with them, "for the living creature was in the wheel". The constellations orbit along a "wheel", as do the wandering stars. Though the constellations aren't really moving, it gives the appearance that they are from the orbits of the wandering stars. Now, this passage is not entirely devoid of any mention to UFO's. If you understand that Ezekiel was shown the birth of the "constellations", and their seemingly movements amongst the stars and the planets of our solar system, then you will understand what Ezekiel is looking at here.

"As for their rings (orbits), they were so
H  I  G  H
that they were dreadful; and their rings were 

round about them..."

(vs. 18)

The word "dreadful" here is usually interpreted as meaning "full of awe". No, Ezekiel IS seeing something dreadful  here. The "orbits" of the constellation and wandering stars, were so "high", giving the allusion of great distance. But Ezekiel states something else here, the "orbits" of these cosmic bodies are "full of eyes". This is what is dreadful. Ezekiel is stating that the "constellations" are FULL OF WATCHERS OR ZOPHIM. As stated before, we get our word "eyes" from the word "zophim" (watchers).

end of part six