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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Giant Stumps...Black Mass Altars. Really?

Giant Stumps...Black Mass Altars

Don Bradley 

Sure. More to the point, many of the pictures where they are so indicated are RIGHT IN THE PICTURE to be seen. 

Look. The article from this morning. First Picture up.

As can be seen, this is a minor altar. Used for quick low grade midnight and 3am work. They mark these sites with rock stacking, as evidenced by this Major Altar we took down in 2018 in the below picture. 

Below, in the middle look at the enormous rock altar right next to a killing circle. Clearing this site was very important. This one was in California. They can't get the ground back. Not anymore. A great deal of ongoing ugliness in that community stopped when that one was taken down.

This rock stacked demonic anchor was 10 feet tall (see below). Our man in the pic is 6'1 To the right, is the death circle, or witches circle. Grass everywhere but the death circle. Understand? These things I speak of are quite real. And Dangerous. And people die in these places. This one was hidden near a fruit orchard.

They mark everything. Once your eyes get right, learn to see and know, it becomes tediously easy to spot. There are a great many of these things, right under everyone's noses. Mostly.

When you find a minor altar, coupled with a marker, know also the BIG one is nearby, usually deeper away from prying eyes and highways and such.

The bottom stone must of weighed 1000 pounds. When we left, not one stone was left standing. And he didn't just leave them; he tossed them down the gully to the upper left there. Put an for sure end to that silliness.

As a fond remembrance of the day, he wanted to take this entire place out himself. So, I didn't do this particular Cali site. He did, and he wants to remain unknown. Always that. And so he did precisely that. Took it all down, cleared the ground, evicted the nasties, healed the area, all things in His Grace and Loving Power, Yeshua. This guy was tossing rocks around like they were softballs.  Quite a thing to see.

If you happen upon the following, these things are nearby. Keep a bible, King James only, in the car or trunk. And a bottle of any kind of water in any kind of container.

  • Rock stacking
  • Twisted twigs, usually 3 and left on a rock or branch.
  • Baphomet graffiti
  • Monarch Butterfly in signage of any kind
  • A witches circle, an eight spoked wheel, the 8 black sabbaths they have each year
  • any form of stylized 666 or mobius
  • There are many others, but you get the idea

If you get two or more, you can about bet on it. But, also, you have to listen to the Holy Spirit in your Heart. His advice and giving is always sound and true. Do a thing, do not. And the bazillion other way he gently leads to being a better sort in all the best ways.