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Friday, August 12, 2022

Raining in the tunnels in the world beneath the world


I see His Hand moving across the land. Smiting the wicked and protecting the innocent and those whom love Him. His eye is Sure. He knows the hearts of every man, woman, and child. And the waters creep ever downward, into long dry organic cisterns deep in the earth.

"It never rains here or hardly never," they boasted for decades amongst themselves. And children died by the millions, hikers disappeared, and witches crawled the landscape on BLM lands to do evil rites and practices.

Until Now. 

And reap your due reward.

Isaiah 24

12In the city is left desolation, and the gate is smitten with destruction.

13When thus it shall be in the midst of the land among the people, there shall be as the shaking of an olive tree, and as the gleaning grapes when the vintage is done.

Isaiah 22:

25In that day, saith YHVH of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that was upon it shall be cut off: for YHVH hath spoken it.

This Morning

Yuma AZ, Vegas NV.

This Afternoon

Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado.

This Evening (TBD)