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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

As long as we allow this rampant evil...Nisan 4

As long as we allow this rampant evil...

Don Bradley Nisan 4

April 6, 2022

The "look at me, I crave attention" mob - pure coven narcissists – the woke (demonically possessed hybrids) are running this country into the ground. The demons that move among this group of nasty satanist cult predators are the worst. And we let them near our children; say and do nothing. They are given free reign.

It's stupefying to me in the extreme that this is America.

This country is under judgment. Really. What is coming is well deserved because by our silence, we allow and encourage these monsters to pray upon our little ones and then we wonder why the zoomers want to cut their dicks off, tattoo satanic crap on their faces, and have zero reality perceptions because ALL THEY WERE GIVEN was a massive wall of demonic fiction called EDUCATION. It was and is satanic conditioning for the beast.

Pedophile trans phreaks groom, Mind Kontrol our children, and then turn them into depraved and victimized versions of the tranny predators that molded them.

  • 4,000,000 million children USA alone forced vax and counting; destined to an extremely short life of suffering and agonizing death. By the very teachers/slavers turning them into purple haired abominations. Why are most educators that are trans, Edomite Jews?
  • 43,000 abortions to Moloch every single week.
  • The victimization and state endorsed race hatred against white people, especially men
  • The priests, preachers, and religious pulpit scammers are ALL coven reptoids leading the faithful into false doctrine, lies about the Holy Word, and a complete corruption of the church system, leaving the individual alone, adrift, and not knowing where to turn to get understanding on Yeshua, our Creation, and the wonder and beauty of the amazing path of Christ. Instead, they get Babylonian and Talmudic paganized and satanic churchianity that has made the word seem without any sense.
  • Demon Graphene oxide put into the water supply, food and products, vax weapon of course, and many other medicines and foods.
  • tens of thousands of children tortured and drained of their blood while living on USAF bases and other sites around the country. DUMBS are everywhere and each DUMB has in its deepest levels, acres of cages that hold the children who are left in darkness, no clothing, and tortured en masse and by the individual. This knowledge is now mainstream with pizzagate releases here and on sites by others since 2002. Yet nothing is done.
  • Near total control on worldwide human trafficking for the elite for their adrenochrome. 
  • Mind control conditioning by coven assets in education to turn the little ones into parroting droids of their dark, satanic agenda. 
  • A state sanctioned, CIA controlled agenda to MK Ultra EVERYONE, at every level, starting with school, movies, text books, shills, celebrities, and the entire demonic hierarchy of the damned. It's a war and one we are losing ground to daily.
  • The govt pays farmers not to grow, to burn their crops, and slaughter their live stock, rather than it be sold to feed the citizens of America. And we do nothing. Nothing at all.

The apathy in the west to doing what is right in the face of a clearly satanic agenda to destroy this country and its families is not the question. No one doubts what's going on around us is totally evil. Supreme Court nominees protect pedophiles and cannot define what a woman is? Seriously? And this kind of tripe stands?


It could be the easy way. About 10% of the country in earnest supplication to our Heavenly Father and He'd set things aright and FAST. As He did in Toronto. Remember the story of Abraham and Lot, as regards Sodom and Gomorrah? Abraham pleaded with Yeshua to spare the five cities should only TEN DEVOUT SOULS who pray be found there. 

He agreed.

And what do we do? 

Who out there is praying for their country to be freed from the demonic control the west is clearly under? 

For that matter, who out there is praying for others, rather than themselves?

You will get the help you need when you ask for it. A simple prayer, in your own words, that comes from your heart. He knows your needs. What needs fixing in your life and in the world in which you find yourself? Ask for help on those things and others who need it and know not how to ask nor whom.

As always, I asked Him for a verse for this. I was led to

Nehemiah 13

18 Did not your fathers thus, and did not our God bring all this evil upon us, and upon this city? yet ye bring more wrath upon Israel by profaning the sabbath.

Israel, when it turned its back on our creator YHVH, was given over to evil in every way. In came the dark spirits, infant sacrifice, harlot women instead of loving wives, failed crops, and endless attacks from neighboring nephilim lands. Turning to fallen angels as fake gods led to every ill that kind of evil these fallen angels bring to a country. How is this any different  today?

It is not.  

Just because folks ignore the spiritual realm (when clearly 2 hours on Youtube reveals we live in a very much, multi-dimensional reality) doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Except that we ignore his aspect of that dimensional reality, we only get the demonic reality in our laps, having pushed Him out. 

I've always said, everyone gets what they want. Mostly. And what this country wanted was NO GOD, so they could serve their hedonistic lifestyles of DO WHAT YOU WANT. How do  you like the country now, after you did whatever you wanted, without any thought of what it is doing to the people and land around you?

Then listen well to the hard way, for it is inbound and though we were given a little time to repent when La Palma was shut down on The first day of Winter (12-20-21), that restraining hand is soon to be no more. On a great many things. For when you cannot eat, nor feed your family, nor drive down the road, nor buy or sell, then will the many that are left turn to Him in Prayer. Of course, by that time, the world you see this very day will be what seems like a distant memory of what was and is no longer.

You know in your heart it is true.

I need not repeat the judgment coming to this country as it was already clearly stated a few days after the La Palma stay; clearly, a gift of time to an increasingly demonic world. And from that time, we had the wonderful and organic trucker movement that ended up with His Hand staying evil in Canada. All in 24 hours. It was so complete that the Chief of police went on twitter to BEG everyone to stop praying in public and stop saying I love you to the satanist police thugs, who were refusing to show up for work.

Don't you want more of that? Or, is it already down the memory hole and forgotten as I perceive it is. No one writes about the event, nor what it reveals to us about Him stepping in to save us from the demonic agenda, which He proved He can and will, should we but repent and open our hearts to His loving and open hand to pull us out of the muck and demonic sludge brought to us by nephilim reptoids. 

I daily hope and pray we do. For tick tock, the appointed time clock is nearing the next cycle. 

I'll let our Heavenly Father (Dad! Yay!) close this piece, for He has chosen the (as usual) perfect verse and understanding of what turning to Him means, and how He sees it.

Isaiah 30

19 For the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem: thou shalt weep no more: he will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when he shall hear it, he will answer thee.
And though Yahua give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers:
And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left. 

The above He has done for myself and others, whom love Him. We turn our hearts to Him in all things and He listens, guides, reveals, corrects, and provides ALL GOOD THINGS plus extras. He wants to be this way with us all, if we but turn to Him. 

I know I go on and on about this a great deal these last couple of years. The time is short; so very short. Most have no idea that for many, tomorrow won't arrive. For them, it will be too late. they will turn to Him, when the west is a smoking ruin and they finally realize - as they are surrounded by zombies and rakes, that all of that could have been avoided, had but TEN SOULS been found in the city, so to say.

Back in around 2005/6 one night, I was led to a high place above the Santa Clarita valley I was living in with my sons. For just that day, while out walking in the Santa Clara river, I was despairing the misery of my life; what with reptoids, demons, and covens at every turn. The gang stalking was (still is) as terrible as it can possibly be. The scorn, ridicule and contempt aimed at my sons and I were and still remains, off the charts. 

As I was led above the city, I saw here and there, the occasional point of light, as one might see from a lantern on a hillside while out camping. There were literally only a handful of these lights. I needn't ask what I was looking at, for I was informed that each light represented a single home or person, that truly and really, loved Yeshua and our Father. The light from each point shined brilliantly, seemingly lighting up an entire neighborhood; a real blessing to those around them, though it was obvious by the inversion of facts - the neighborhood around them was all coven, as most of northern Santa Clarita is. Really.

Twenty or thirty more such homes would have COVERED the entire northern end of that valley. I could see how a few in Christ was and is, a serious blessing to the community around them. It also helped me understand why the valley was heading in such a dark direction as it was. The town now is WOKE central. You name the abomination, they glorify it.