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Monday, December 6, 2021

Jenna Bush again

She's talking about a children's foundation she's involved in. Now everyone understands what that means: frazzledrip, ritual murder, adrenochrome, human trafficking.

Daughter of George W Bush, President.


This is actually a coven coloring book they pass around to children from the 1970s. It's part of their SRA psy abuse. Sick beings these nephilim. It's a mother slaughtering her oldest daughter; a common theme.

These signs are common in the Angeles Crest Forest in northern Los Angeles. It's why I advise folks in our time to buddy up when hiking. They can and will disappear you and LEO won't do a thing about it.

Red Rock Canyon 1930s. Ritual Kill site used for the movies. If you ignored the warning and made camp were warned. Signs are put places for a reason. Folks that laugh off stuff like this generally find it to be the worst mistake of their now short life.

I closed Red Rock in Sept 2004. It had been used since the old west days as a ritual site because it is the remains of an antediluvian cedar tree; a favorite locale of the damned. Every site we closed changed the energy and atmosphere of the area and county these were identified and released from demonic control. I've been pissing off the covens for a very long time now.

This place is clear, for a long time now, 17 years. The local baby sitter kept driving back and forth while there, even though at the time, the nearest community was 30 miles away  and was nothing and its in the middle of the desert. It also sits on the SW corner area of China Lake Naval Station, a huge underground adrenochrome site. Folks still think this whole coven, nephy, demon thing is a modern deal. All through history and once you understand their tells, easy to spot, easy to fix. If you have the guts that is.

Demonic sentinels exist there, anchored by countless sessions of blood being spilled. The atmosphere there was so oppressive as to make one nauseous; afterward, it was quite pleasant.

Surveillance by the site babysitter. Why so angry? I started to approach them, and they sped off. If looks could kill, as they say.