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Monday, December 6, 2021

Site visitor? Kislev 2

Site visitor? Kislev 2

Don Bradley

If you happen to find yourself on this site, it's not an accident.

The Most High Adonai has guided you, as He guides me to what I need when I surf the internet. You are probably ready to see and know, that which you've been either entirely ignorant of in the past or had a little knowledge, but no real understanding.

There's no doubt, the internet has a great many good teachers of the Holy Word and its application in our world. This is that part of history and religion that everyone has kept our world woefully ignorant of for thousands of years. As great as some of these brothers are or have been, they've all neglected it; or, if they do discuss the subject matter, they generally only look at it from the ancient past and THEN STOP COLD. Like, somehow, it all magically went away and none need consider this great deception of our time—the two bloodlines and the ongoing war the Adamic pure bloods have been involved in since the days of Abel and Cain.

Since the beginning.

This whole revelations, end times, latter days, tribulation is all about this war and is entirely in regard to the conflict in every detail.

It's time, and has been for 25 years, released to the public and supremely ignored by Christians as a body entirely. And look at what cost. It's been my life's work, as it turns out.

Can anyone look around our world and not see the unreal evil the nephilim have brought upon us all? Only those under enormous spells, curses and hitch hiker control can look at the shear volume of the fraction of this work I've done in the last 5 years on this site and dismiss it.

If you are here, bless you. For you are to know the living truth of our times and why things really are, the way they really are. You at least, have a forerunner who can reveal, teach, and demonstrate by example.

I never had that. Ever.

So, you are blessed to be so aware and can then help others. Because they are going to need you and what you know, even if at this point, you don't have any field experience in these matters. You'll get enough very soon. At least you have a way out of hell.


PS the other visitors to the site and they make up the bulk of the traffic is from intelligence agencies and satanists; practicing their black magic against me; a daily affair.


Early 90s, the battle was definitely ON. I was 33 when this was taken. Seems like forever ago...and just last week. At the same time.