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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Understanding Deliverance Ministry 2

Understanding Deliverance Ministry 2

Don Bradley Kislev 6 2021

Part Two

The verse that I was led to for this section is

Isaiah 59
Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are
in their paths.

The apostles didn't need seminars on eviction work to do their job of clearing out the demonic. They were given the easy tool of command in confidence in His Name and were full of the Holy Spirit from when Yeshua breathed on them after His resurrection. (At Pentecost they received the second baptism, of the fire.)


The above is simple eviction. Which is fine. Works. Gets rid of entities that attach to a person, following them home from some place, activity, or doing that which they should have not done in the first place—as we've all done, at one time or another. But as Dad taught me once, no one can escape corruption in the last generation. It's the defining hallmark of the era of the beast system. The food, air, water, things to do, entertainments, all of it...all corrupt on some level and to some degree of our physical, psychic, and human soul corruption. No one. It has to do with the days of Noah; all flesh was corrupted, too. And this is the bookend to the flood event that deals with this demonic nephilim problem once and for all. And the same conditions exist now as then.

However, I've learned a great deal since the complete and simple eviction as taught by Yeshua to us all. Of course, what He gave us is enough and frankly, is all that is needed. There remains the requisite repentance and follow on acceptance of Christ as our savior in the full of one's heart to seal the deal and prevent the malefactor from coming back in and possibly bringing along a few more stinkers to make matters worse.

It's with this in mind that in Part Two we are going to discuss deeper and wider aspects of this eviction work and what do to with unusual and differing types of possession, eviction and sentencing, and clearing. In our time, these are necessary issues that needs to be addressed so that when the circumstance presents itself, the wise brother or sister can be a useful instrument He can call upon to deal with a problem as He sees fit.

First, in your prayer/discourse/honest dialogue with Him, ask to be of service in this regard. You'll find it is Him all along encouraging you to this knowledge and labor. He is the source of all our best, selfless, and giving ideas that we have. That's a fact. Then make yourself ready in prayer and education to be a fit and fearless doer. That's all it takes to get started.

It's the best way to get started.

(PS. The best stuff I ever did, as a labor or in raising the boys, was His inspiration and idea. The best results were obtained when I acted upon His Great Knowing and Encouragement/Ideas.)

Removing a demonic hitchhiker

Knowing the spiritual estate of yourself and as it happens, you are the one in the place and time with the awareness of how to get rid of a person's hitchhiker, it's time to free their soul. And Yeshua, through the Holy Spirit, does the freeing. For people with hitchhikers not in league with dark forces, the best results are assured when you get their permission to do so.

It could happen like this. They or you see a problem they are having and you are inwardly advised that a demon is involved and in point of fact, you already sense its presence. Right off, before any conversation, you sense its approach; whether they are coming to your door, sending an email, or you walk into a place with other people already there.

Ask the person, if they would like it removed. Right there and then. They might even ask you to remove the critter, if it comes up in conversation. If you are meant to be there to do such work, it will.

Inwardly pray for His assist in all things at that moment and say aloud just above a whisper, for we need not shout, “I rebuke you demon in the name and blood of Yeshua; come out now.”

It might fight back and struggle. Calmly and WITHOUT ALL THAT DRAMA OF SHOUTING, command it again. I always threaten it ahead of time with sending it to the dry places beneath the waters till judgment day. (Just the way I am; cooking down demons is an old hobby of mine.)You have the authority, and it will be bound in heaven as you bind it on earth. The reason for a repeat command is often that the rank of the demon is more powerful than the usual run of the mill legionnaire.

Matthew 18

18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

If your spiritual estate stands with Christ, guaranteed results every time.

Unless you are dealing with an unrepentant satanist who has purposely invited these things in his light body. You cannot evict that which they have called into themselves, removing themselves from the book of life and inscribing their names in the book of death. 

Witch with hitchhiker. Nowadays, the passengers are taking over the driver's seat-the Karen.


Regular folks and other Christians can have hitchhikers, if the conditions stated above exist. You can be a Christian, so to say, and be a pretty nasty, lying, down the wrong road soul and that can get you a bunch of them. To take down a lukewarm christian is their favorite victory.

Christians cannot be possessed, is all. not allowed.

How can a Christian be a stinker? Are you kidding? Being saved doesn't make a sweet soul. It usually is a process, as we all know. Of learning, growing, doing, being, and loving. And double hugs all around always. Being baptized and saved just gives a person the best possible start on that road. Errors get corrected and then are stopped. Eventually, sooner or later, you have quite a nice and decent person in front of you. As we all know.

Next, once you either see or sense it is off the person, you can bind it and banish it and you should do so. This is that extra step I and a few others take to send them back down. Where they quite obviously belong. Most folks don't bother about it. This is an error, for it leaves the thing local, looking for a new soul to corrupt. It's like arresting a felon and then setting him free to hurt someone else.

It's a Donnie thing but I practice it and teach it. And it scares the wits out of demons that they could be sent back down. Till judgment day. No more sunlight. No more living through another's senses and bodies. No more anything.

If they know you do that work in this way, they will leave of their own accord, the person they are attached to, rather than have that fate. Your mere coming into their reality sends them packing, after a time. And believe me, they all know who you are, by then. The ranks share everything with everyone, to give any of them, an edge against you...or to protect themselves from the use of the Holy Spirit against their unlawful estate.

As before, say aloud “I bind you in the name and blood of Yeshua and cast you out to the dry places. Now.”

So to recap.

  • Inwardly pray for His assist in all things at that moment and say aloud just above a whisper, for we need not shout, “I rebuke you demon in the name and blood of Yeshua; come out now.”

  • Say aloud “I bind you in the name and blood of Yeshua and cast you out to the dry places. Now.”

Of course, this is also the perfect time for the person to repent in full honesty to Yeshua Mashiach our Adonai and invite him to be your savior. This is not something to do to a priest or another person; it's something in private, between them and the Most High. Only Yeshua has the power and authority—being the lamb of Adonai—to hear the heart's confession. Not a group at AA or any of that evil blather; not your best friend or wife, unless you are unloading or atoning for a wrong you've done them. HIM ALONE. If sincere, the Comforter comes and your heart of stone becomes a living, fiery heart of flesh that feels, loves, has mercy, kindness, and forbearance.

End of part two


Friday, December 10, 2021

Understanding Deliverance Ministry

Understanding Deliverance Ministry

Don Bradley Kislev 6 2021

Part One

I asked our Father (Dad) for the verse for this. He led me to...
Acts 10
29 Therefore came I unto you without gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for: I ask therefore for what intent ye have sent for me?

It's best to inform the reader that I can only honestly discuss my experience in the matter. What I learned to do; the method; the results; and what I mostly have stayed with the last 15 years when that kind of field work was added to taking out altars, restoring soured ground, and closing demonic portals is generally how I refined it to what works. All three of these unholy realities exist, have existed for some time, and are still of moment, as far as deliverance ministry is concerned.

Each type of demonic situation is going to require a slight variation on a soon to be obvious theme; the point of which is to end the presence of the demon and send it far, far away. The best eviction work, as I have chosen to call it, is the removal of the little stinkers from folks whom are many times at the end of their rope. It's ALWAYS a day of joy, giddiness, and happy hugs all around. I've yet to do one of these things with a spirit of dread. You cannot bring that to the table because you've already demonstrated in spirit, that you doubt yourself, your trust in Christ, and are in fact, afraid of something you were given complete power over, in His Name.

You not only have to believe it in your heart, you have to have Yeshua's alert and commanding confidence before going to battle. Because that is what frankly is the measure of your soul in choosing to do this. Not to worry, He gives you all the strength, confidence, and inner assurance to trust in Him and all will turn out well. And it always does, as it happens.

Okay then.

As scary as deliverance ministry sounds, it's actually a spirit filled wonderful day. To see that happy soul finally free of their tormentors is a sharing of happy joy that exceeds any expectations. Every single time it ends with a spiritual baptism and repentance, leading to the planned salvation. When doing site clearing, the oppressive atmosphere disappears; the nasty smells vanish, and the presence of happy birds and the like usually announce the restoration of the ground sullied by the damned no longer.

Many people reading this have been the exact people who had, at one time, serious hitchhiker infections that were pulling their lives downward. I will not use their real names. They are in no way unique in their own particular sense, though the circumstances that brought them to such straights and then to my attention was entirely in Adonai's hands. Always is.

Everything discussed is approximately what anyone will encounter when

  • encountering a portal,

  • A kill ground,

  • soured ground (IE,a rake hide),

  • Hitchhiker attachments,

  • onset possession;

  • deep and permitted possession (witches, brujos, regardless of type or branch, Celtic, hoodoo, voodoo, sabbatean, Asherah, nagas, etc; satan remains top pyramid and the fallen watchers are the captains, each imbued with their own particular brand of unholy blasphemy to Christ and the Law). Behind them are the ranks, stacked like any military command.

Also upfront, I've read exorcism rituals from the Jesuits, Pentecostals, eastern orthodox, etc. And I declare, do these people have the Holy Spirit or not? Because they—the bulk of them—are not calling upon the sacred and Holy name of Yeshua (Jesus) Mashiach. They call on this or that DEAD PERSON as a saint, or an angel (forbidden), or Mary (Astarte) or some other demiurge to get rid of the demon. None of which works. But it does torment the living hell of out of the suffering person to no end, I must say. No wonder two outcomes happen with these fakes and every time.

  1. It takes repeated attempts that eventually give the illusion of removal, resulting in the endless unnecessary torture of the sufferer. The demon does this to get rid of the priests, all that holy water, and the torment the demonic spirit goes through when the Holy Word is read ALOUD in their presence.

  2. The demon returns later. Either months or sometime years, using the time beneath the person's radar to influence a continued downward spiral into a deepening mental and emotional psychosis of the poor person. By the time the demon makes another appearance, the suffering soul is nigh suicidal anyway and at their wits end.

Because of the above, I never bothered with any of that. Others have, claiming success. They put up staged youtube channels about it and microphone in hand, they declare the demon removed, praying aloud (wrong), and seemingly more selling themselves as these amazing doers rather than simple men and women doing the work of Yeshua. You no doubt have seen these frauds your own selves on television and the internet.

The heart knows, even before you watch it. Oh no...not another well oiled staged operation. And the gullible believe it, donate to it, and then the show changes up things and do these big public displays of deliverance ministry some other place and time. I've yet to see a single one of those mega church frauds ever do a real deliverance. And I know they can't, because most of these Pentecostal fakers are nephilim witches themselves, as proven repeatedly on this site.

Also this. I've seen guys who have never done such work as remove a demon from a house or a person. They take to the work without any skills and do the necessaries right off with complete success. The Holy Spirit is the key. All they did was command the thing to leave in Yeshua's name and blood and zip, you see it rip out of whatever it was anchored to and out through a wall, never to return. That darting black blur of the departing spirit comes as great relief to the suffering, and they too, usually see this their very own selves, out of the corner of their eye. This is Dad's way of giving them SIGHT KNOWING that the thing is gone, the suffering is over, and today is the first day of the rest of their renewed life.

See, Christ gives that confidence and assurance to go ahead, step into it, and deliver. And they do, with a smile on their face. Oh happy day!

NOT waving their hands; not shouting in a microphone; not making a big dramatic deal out of it like they are wrestling with the prince of darkness. Understand?

Folks that do this work, are called to it by circumstance rather than as a set out thing to do, are the often real deal, only thing that's needed, to solve the problem and free the sufferer from demonic abuse. I set out to do it, as it happens, starting with

  • fixing soured ground. Which led to

  • destroying satanic altars. Which led to

  • closing down portals. Which led to

  • hitchhiker evictions. (I do this weekly); which led to

  • removing a possessed soul under complete control of a demon.

For me, it's just the way things fell out. It's why I can also discuss a great deal of this stuff is because I've spent since the 1980s finding myself in open conflict with witches and covens and then learning what to do about it. It's been a long road. The battle has no end. Once it starts, it's for the rest of your life.

But the reward for others is worth all the hassle, loneliness, abuse, surveillance, attacks, betrayals, and horror that comes with it. It's not like the movies. Do not ever imagine that it is. It's one thing to clear a person of hitchhikers and it's actually quite easy to shut down a Karen. Their faces literally turn red like they are about to explode and when you tell them to remain silent, they do so. Instantly. They can do no otherwise.

The word gets around; every town I ever lived in, within two months a few of the designated witches make it clear to me in no uncertain terms they are aware of who I am and what I represent and that they will do all they can to mess up my life. And boy do they really set about doing just that. Since about 2005, they openly declare their intentions to obstruct and harm, right to my face. Like a gauntlet thing. Sometimes, right in front of my sons, they are so bold.

I digress.

End of Part One

Evict their Hitchhikers and help out the brother or sister.