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Saturday, December 4, 2021

La Palma Spirits of the Damned Cheshvan 29 UPDATED

La Palma Spirits of the Damned Cheshvan 29

Don Bradley


It's easy to sit and watch the live streams, if it's a wide shot, and see the various displays of snake heads, demonics, and other entities constantly appear and morph into lava only to morph again, into yet a slightly different version of what was first observed.

Here are some examples

See the dragon head?

Complete with burning fire and smoke coming out of nostrils

Shot of La Palma eruption on 12-1-21


Enlarged and outlined, to help others see. Kemet: black land.

This is a fiery Fallen Angel or Archon. Their 4900 years of penance finished up around 1947. This particular entity has many names, but is the archon that has a crown with a snake coming out of the forehead. A spiritual mark, but also, indicative of 2nd sight or awakened pineal gland. 


Of course, in Babylon, Egypt, and Sumer, this was a quite high badge of rank. Nephilim who wore this emblematic crown had elongated heads, were better than 16 feet in height, and were worshiped as living (false) gods in their time. These were the old gods, who demanded sacrifice, then as now.

Other than watcher displays in the smoke, the fire itself has become quite revealing because I've done this for years; watched eruptions in other places, which produces the usual fire spirits and the like, being a primary element. La Palma has been cranking out one demonic entity after another. Many of them are downright unsettling, once you realize whom you are looking at. It fits though. The damned are kept deep in the earth, beneath the waters. La Palma is actually a tiny point down to that area-below the waters-and is a kind of elevator if you will.

Of course you can call this paredoila and laugh. Go ahead; freewill. It's simply amazing how what is clearly a roadrunner, a human head, or something else is being formed, by the spirit, clothing itself in the temporary fiery essence of the mantle plume. This isn't playful games by fire salamanders and the like. This is ancient stuff from beneath the waters coming out. Like the Kuthulu release last summer in the Black Sea and the gulf of Mexico. 

In other words, this isn't show and tell by earth and fire spirits, but a release. This is an announcement, for those who have eyes to see and for the books, and then it's free. To be and move in our dimension. Believe me, these are not fun neighbors moving in next door. These are ancient time spirits of damnation that each have their own particular brand of blasphemy and power. 

Some of these things I've spotted are... pretty bad boys. Bagged Ashtoreth the other day, but cannot find it. (a great deal of stuff just disappears from my HD all the time.)

No surprise but Starbucks is using the above graven image of Ashtoreth in a thing they have going on right now, proving they are a company with the beast. What she normally holds, is a serpent in each hand, representing her binary sexual nature. Term sounds familiar in our day and age, does it not?


Asherah (also Ashtoreth or Astarte, though there may have been a distinction) was the primary goddess worshiped by the ancient Canaanites and neighboring peoples, including the Philistines (1 Samuel 31:10). The Israelites also worshiped Asherah from as early as the time immediately following the death of Joshua (Judges 2:13).

Asherah was often associated with carved trees. Therefore, Asherah worship often took place in forested areas, under a tree, or in an area marked by a carved "Asherah pole," such as the one made by the evil King Manasseh (2 Kings 21:7).

Asherah was also identified as the moon goddess who belonged to the family of gods associated with Baal the sun god (Judges 3:7; 6:28). Worship to her included sexual immorality, prostitution, divination, and fortune telling. As a result, the Mosaic Law spoke specifically against Asherah worship (Deuteronomy 16:21).

Despite warnings from the Lord, many Israelite leaders worshiped Asherah. Several of Solomon's wives drew the king from the true God to "Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians" (1 Kings 11:5)—most likely the same as Asherah. Queen Jezebel also worshiped Asherah and supported 400 Asherah prophets (1 Kings 18:19).

In contrast, some of God's followers stood strong against Asherah worship. One important example was Gideon. In Judges 6:25-26 God commanded him, "Take your father's bull, and the second bull seven years old, and pull down the altar of Baal that your father has, and cut down the Asherah that is beside it and build an altar to the LORD your God on the top of the stronghold here, with stones laid in due order. Then take the second bull and offer it as a burnt offering with the wood of the Asherah that you shall cut down." Gideon obeyed, and was nearly put to death by his own people for his actions.

King Asa also fought against Asherah worship. First Kings 15:13 says, "He also removed Maacah his mother from being queen mother because she had made an abominable image for Asherah. And Asa cut down her image and burned it at the brook Kidron." Later King Josiah would likewise end Asherah worship as part of his desire to follow God's laws. Second Kings 23:4 says, "the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest and the priests of the second order and the keepers of the threshold to bring out of the temple of the LORD all the vessels made for Baal, for Asherah, and for all the host of heaven. He burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron and carried their ashes to Bethel." Josiah's efforts to end pagan worship reveal a serious commitment to worship the Lord only. His noble desire is reflected in the Christian faith in which Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

As can be seen, dealing with these spirits of ancient evil is something I doubt sincerely anyone is taking even as a consideration or possibility in our time. Except for the satanists. Of course  it will hardly affect us as individuals, but rather things like this are influencers on entire nations. So, when you see all this tranny blather going on, think Ashtoreth. It's one of the entities that inspires, influences, and empowers such abominations, if you allow it. She is also known as the Jezebel spirit; her blasphemy is to mock Adonai by inverting all that was suppossed to be Holy, Good, and True in a woman. Modern women of all ages are wholly or in part, under this Spirit's influence, as can be seen by ANYONE.

We have the stars above (angels) and they have the demonics below. Pretty clear to understand in that light. 

Kemet, Ashtoreth, Hecate, many others...these things are out and about in these latter days. And in all their old nasty glory. It wouldn't surprise me if they have manufactured bodies for these things to move into; if they can do it with a vax, they can certainly create a black blood body that needs a host nafesh, even if unlawful. 

What was an Asherah pole?

In our time, a stripper dance pole is an Asherah or Ashtoreth pole. See how deeply influenced this is becoming? It is pushed by the covens ALL THE TIME.

An Asherah pole was a sacred pole (or sometimes a tree) that was used in the worship of the pagan goddess Asherah. The Asherah pole was often mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the ways the Israelites sinned against the Lord and worshiped other gods.

The first mention of the Asherah pole is in Exodus 34:13 : "Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and cut down their Asherah poles." The Israelites were commanded to destroy any Asherah pole they found among the other people in the land.

In Deuteronomy 16:21, the Lord commanded the people of Israel to not make Asherah poles of their own. However, it did not take long for the Israelites to disobey this command. In Judges 3:7, we read, "And the people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the LORD. They forgot the LORD their God and served the Baals and the Asheroth." Instead of obeying God's commands, they worshiped the gods of the people God sent them to drive out.

God later used Gideon as one of the judges who would stand against this practice of the Asherah pole. He cut down his father's Asherah pole as part of God's call for reform (Judges 6:25-27). Many of the revivals in the books of Kings and Chronicles involved destroying and removing Asherah poles from among the people of God. In one case, King Josiah of Judah had an Asherah pole ground to powder and its dust spread over the graves of the dead (2 Kings 23:6).

But who was Asherah? She was considered a goddess of fertility. Some believe that the worship of the Queen of Heaven condemned by the prophet Jeremiah was also a reference to the goddess Asherah, though this is uncertain. Certainly, as a fertility goddess, those who worshiped Asherah were also often involved in sexual practices prohibited by the God of Israel.

Asherah poles were also known in Scripture as the "high places." This is likely due to the connection of worship upon hilltops and mountains. Especially after the construction of the Jewish temple under King Solomon, those who would instead worship Asherah on a high place were considered blasphemous to the Lord, worshiping a different God in different ways and in different places than how He prescribed.

Asherah poles and Asherah worship were against the law God gave to Moses. Israel's use of these objects was sinful and in contradiction with His teachings to worship only the Lord (Exodus 20) and that He alone was God (Deuteronomy 6:4-5).