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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Man Rake Pig


Are women dumping their current new borns in the wild? These are being found, still alive. Mostly overseas at this time. What is happening here in the states, we don't know yet.

These things are walking around. Actual living things. Hard to believe, unless satan is your master. And they call Christians a threat to society. Is that a fact?

And remember this, everything you are seeing that's wrong in the world is intentionally being done in defiance of creation. Satanists openly say that they create, encourage and support anything and everything that acts in defiance to what was written in the Torah, as YHVH's will for Earth. Everything.

It's why you are seeing every kind of freakish abomination, in these last days of Earth.

As in the days of Noah.

Wait until the satanic left finds out the plague hits them, too. A mass die off, et al. Wonder if they will still be with the program when their inner eye, mind, and body starts going south.

Nephilim witch hybrid. Count the toes on the baby rake. Six.

 Or it's all just a terrible, sick hoax.

guess what this is supposed to be

Elephant human hybrid. It's still living. Getting BIG.

This is an actual living person, satanist.

And all of them are self declared satanists and witches. In those days...They'll tell you its just makeup and such. Make up? on 2 year olds with blacked out eyes?


They are also story tellers for five year olds. The covens love total abomination.

The black eyes are real, not contacts. This is not human, but nephilim. They are here.

their art of what's coming

Not staged movie stuff, but legit. I've personally seen all these things.

And they let beasties like this fondle Sniffy.

Only covens would do such a thing. And they do.

Just walk to school mom said. It'll be fine mom said  
This thing is a killer...of children.

Dig it. Go to this site. See the abominations for yourself. And then tell me this is all a hoax again. Please.

Mammalian Hybrids 

New Born Man Bear Pig. It's alive.

Man Pig in China as adult.

Human Goat Hybrid and it lived.