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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A message in a buggle

 At 11.45 this morning. House is all sealed up, saved a door slightly cracked on the other side of the house and standing in the kitchen, this young lady comes soaring by my head and lands near the kitchen window. And let's me pick it up.

Then, after I take her outside, I let her go. She wont' leave. She hangs out; got lots of great footage of her just hanging out, letting me pick her up. Lots of fun. Now, and since, she's just sitting in a branch on Obadiah in the yard, still hanging out.

Friday, January 10, 2020 a birdy

The Daily Messenger: a birdy: I am, it would appear, a slow learner about things. Very often, I need a great deal of anecdotal evidence to confirm learning cur...

Article posted without update on 1-07-20 at Daily Messenger Blog. See link above.

Update 01-11-20 My niece Janesse and her boyfriend passed away. Just found out tonight at sunset.


I am, it would appear, a slow
learner about things. Very often, I need a great deal of anecdotal
evidence to confirm learning curves. Not out of being hard-headed,
but in understanding and then mainly, in wise use of the information

For example, this whole bird thing.
It really started in earnest in the summer of 2005. But that's
another story for another time. Once I had made up my mind and soul
that I had to be, must be, and therefore WILL BE, a good boy, things
and especially my relationship with YHVH and Yeshua changed most
wonderfully for the closer, more mystical if that is the correct
phrase, and indeed so it is to this day. More so.

I correctly understand that most of
the more mystical side of my(our) relationship with the Almighty
leaves many of my readers just shaking their heads. And for those
just looking for a chink in the armor, all the ammunition they need
to continue to attack. As I have spent the last
years learning the lessons of long-suffering and patience, these
arrows no longer land as much as they used to. I hope and pray even
my most vicious enemies are given what I have been blessed with...a
very loving closeness with Dad, Our Father. And even more so, with King.

Before I get on with the point of
this article, I have to say that when Dad moves into your heart
deeply...the outer miracles and mystical actually make
perfect sense. Instead of just reading about this kind of stuff in
the bible, here the very same things HAPPEN TO YOU! It's
wonderful. And in one sense, you then KNOW the mystical stuff you
read about is and was, the truth of the matter, because the same kind
of thing is happening in your life. At least it does around here and
all the time. The people that know me know this to be true. They've
seen enough...a little prayer...the loving light of Yeshua in your
eyes...and it all happens, all the time.

People who have this fire in their
heart understand these words. They know...

Start with John 3-16. It all flows
from that moment onward. You'll see.

In point of fact, prayer is the
most powerful and mystical thing I've ever experienced. When you can
honestly say, “Our Father answers every single prayer I've made,”
then you understand. And He does. And He will.

I mostly pray for others...and for
wisdom and guidance.

Now regarding the guidance part,
most of it comes without my being aware it's coming. He puts the
thought to do or be in my head, and then it turns out that way,
exactly as advised. So, I've learned to listen
and obey.
The test is, Dad will never guide you that
in any way, contradicts His Holy Word. That's your test on whether
the guidance be of the Holy Spirit or not so much. If it's not so
much, then its a lie you've read, your ego, your fears, whatever.
Cast those out. Get rid of that stuff. Then you'll be fine.

So...the egret thing a few days

I was walking out to the back yard,
as praying, was still in prayer, and over my left shoulder once I got
off the deck, this enormous white egret (the one above actually) flew
over my left shoulder and landed in front of me. Long time, no see.
And how are you? As well as, uh oh, what's coming?

See, I've learned about the egret
messenger. When He sends this guy, get ready for something BIG. And,
as longtime readers know, I get egrets regardless of the locale I'm
in, the altitude, whether in the desert or near the shore, or in the
Big City, it comes. Time of year, location, doesn't matter. I get
them a thousand miles from their natural habitat.

And I'm learning. The bird
messenger and using different types of birds that have not a thing to
do with where they naturally roam or be, is a the part of the lesson
I learned really fast. Mainly because so many times it was like, what
is a finch doing in the middle of the Mojave desert? Or an egret? Or,
or, or... Sounds silly doesn't it? It feels silly writing all this,
but it happens to be reality, for us, and the truth of things. For

Ever have a bird fly into your home
and land on your knee? And four different species? In different
places and locales? I do. I've learned to get pictures in the last 8
years, when a camera is handy. Mostly, one isn't. Sometimes, a
different bird, three days in a row. Or three at one time, all
different species. They land around where you are sitting, then stare
at you, freaking everyone out that's around that's new to the
experience. That's what I mean.

Getting off topic. And I do
understand, no matter how much I try to explain, much of this is
falling upon deaf ears. I cannot help that. I pray things turn around
for those who cannot see or hear.

So, back to the egret. I cannot
share the prayer, because as Yeshua commanded, pray to your Father in
secret and I keep that commandment. (I cannot understand those that
pray aloud, violating this twice placed commandment He gave us.) But
I can say that I have learned to test everything he sends me that

Along this wise. Give me
confirmation in a way that cannot be created or hijacked by the dark
side, that only I can understand or others, as seems right.
Use words
too of your own making and do not speak them aloud. Keep it between
you and YHVH. He will answer you openly, as promised. You'll see.

So, after son Matt witnessed the
egret, and I took his picture and some video, he flew off. About an
hour later, again I was heading outside, praying for a confirmation
so I would know this was from Him, and not just some bird landing
that happened to like the yard. GET THAT CONFIRMATION.

Just as I finish my prayer and
reach the low chain link fence facing west, in front of me, out of
nothing, the egret appeared from the earth and in perfect form shot
up to eye level-beach pointing to the sun, feet together pointing to
the earth (like a swan dive thing) with wings spread out, a mere 3
feet in front of me, then without moving a wing or muscle, fell and
glided perfectly backwards in a perfect arc down and away into the
valley below, in the most perfect straight line you ever saw. As it
got near the valley floor, it vanished beyond the tree line. Poof,
gone. In the same second I ended my prayer confirmation thingy, this