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Sunday, March 20, 2022

How corruption on TV is done

How corruption on TV is done

Don Bradley

Actually the rather more disturbing thing is the nephilim Edomite corruption spending literally billions of dollars smearing Christ and Christianity. They do this in movies and television all the time but you don't notice because it's subtle. Yet it's always there. Always.

Take Miami Vice S01Ep18 "The Maze". A bunch of punk Latino kids take a derelict hotel full of squatters hostage. 

  • Their leader has his shirt open displaying a prominent gold crucifix all the time.
  • The hotel's address is at 7212 on San Domingo avenue. Christ had 72 lesser disciples and 12 greater disciples. 
  • The building has graffiti which is lingered on which reads "666 is coming." 

Who is 666 aka the Beast? Well that would be Crockett, who is showcased as living by the sea because he's the Beast from the Sea and is lamp-shaded by his pet alligator as being The Dragon/The Reptile/The Serpent.

This is a formula repeated over and over. Then they do variations on a theme and inversions. They are relentless. Your watchfulness has to be relentless, as well.

In Battlestar Galactica: 

  • The betrayer of the 12 tribes (Judea) is Gaius Baltar who starts a religious cult.
  • He is assisted by 12 major Cylons.
  • The lesser cylons come in squadrons of 72, and so on.

Again, literally billions of dollars have been spent indoctrinating you with Satanic propaganda without you even knowing it. However, once you start paying attention and stop sleep walking through your day, this stuff just jumps out at you.. It does. If you do not pay attention, every time you see 12 or 72 (examples in this short article) you reject it, because of all the repeated and subtle conditioning that ONLY EVIL can come from group associations that have at their core 12 and or 72.

Think it through. There are literally hundreds of examples in movies and Television that one could spend years sifting through those old and modern shows and sure enough, the subtle slander of our Father's Holy Ways is right there, front and center, slowly mind controlling you to reject His loving ways with an inner resentment you cannot quite put your finger on.

This is the war by deception the Khazarian Mafia, the Canaanites deploy against us all.