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Friday, September 27, 2019

Mike and Grace

Mikey as a kitty. Notice the mark on his chin and nose.

Grace, his daughter, with the same marks on her face as he did

The rest of the story...

Here is what we know

Mike disappeared on 9-11-19

On 9-13, I awoke and KNEW we would not see him again. That THEY had their hands on him and that is all I can say. That friday the 13th, I was in mourning...just sick at what I could see and who did it, and worst of all, WHY. 

As long time readers know, Dad has, since forever always sealed important knowledge given over in Spirit, by a physical plane confirmation. This has only happened about 30,000 times in my life. If it's a big deal thingy, He uses birds to lock it down. As at the exact moment my mother passed away. Or when we moved to Ojai, and hundreds of other times.

I asked Dad for a confirmation, in the old way. Using His time-tested method of confirming the BIG questions on my heart with birds. The very next day, this bird was outside, whom I picked up. It gave out a tiny squeak and passed away in my hands, going limp.

It hit hard, to say the least. I had asked for an answer "in the old way" and there, in my hand, was the answer. I gently set its body down and wept. For the messenger and the message it brought.

That was Saturday the 14th. At sunset I buried the messenger with all solemnity and symbolically buried Mikey Moo.

Dad delivers the message in the old asked.