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Monday, January 24, 2022

NWO agenda


1975 - 1985

  • the last 'old school' era
  • globalism wasn't felt apart from work migration
  • the world was a wonder

1985 - 1995 

  • digital technology transformed human lives 
  • internet was a marvel 
  • globalism could be felt everywhere and economic and social constructs were increasingly starting to crumble 
  • the last era of freedom, privacy and dignity 
  • this the era that most people today are nostalgic for 
  • peak creativity and productiveness

1995 - 2005 

  • felt like a worse continuation of the 90s 
  • peak internet 
  • human cultural development turned from local to global 
  • social constructs vanished 
  • economic depression could be felt everywhere, tough times lay ahead 
  • the start of the NWO gripping the West tightly 
  • the last remnants of normal human life

Then came 'smart' devices, social media, rampant e-commerce, destruction of the middle class production, the forming of the world government was perfected and is now manifesting in the WEF, WHO, EU, UN etc.

We couldn't have possibly known in the 80s that digital technology is demonic energy. It was too mesmerizing, too exciting, it lured us into the trap. Now nothing can stop the NWO. 'Global digital governance', as Klaus and Xi would say, is the finishing nail in our coffin.