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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Nirvana December 1987

They were satanists...slaughter the victim, drink its blood. Multi generational witches. Every big band is in the satanic club. They don't allow free jacks or Christians in. If you have a great band with great songs but are not with the Beast, they just steal your material and give it to one of their bands. A great many demo tapes sent to the major labels ended up as number one records for Madonna, etc.

And don't think this is just some stage act thing. Look at where they are. In some living room, its after midnight (you can see its fully dark through the back window), and this is not a stage. You are witnessing the aftermath of a blood ritual, and someone took a picture.  A picture that got out.

I show you the real world we live in. If you are a free jack(not with either Dad or Lou) or a Christian, this should explain a great deal to you. You will always be the one in the room, that is the sucker. I've been to parties and get togethers where the moment I walked into the room, almost all the conversations stopped cold. Then restarted with trivial bla bla, so what have you been up to lately, they say to each other. 

I could write volumes on what it is like moving among the damned, when they know that I know, who and what they are. 

And it is not just the music or movie scene. It's every aspect of life. Why so many businesses only hire witches and satanists and no one else. Why Christian's job opportunities are so worthless as to be a why bother situation. Why when looking for work, my sons and I are hired, we have great experience and by days' end or next morning, here comes the message of they changed their mind, thanks but no thanks. When that happens every single time for years on end, you get the message. And the message is F you.

Kurt knew he had to go, from the beginning. It would put a bigger and longer lasting mojo on the songs. Which, of course, his "wife" who had him killed, enjoyed the most benefits. She too, comes from a multi generational witch family bloodline. It's why she wasn't prosecuted for his murder.