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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Thelma Todd (Hot Toddy)

 The original platinum blond; archetype for all the followed, like Monroe, etc. Nephilim Reptoid

Murdered by Jack West; all of them witches. She's rocking the slits in this head shot for Paramount pictures.


Thursday, March 3, 2022

Why hasn't more of this been made public all this time?

all of them witches


Well, let's use Hollywood as an example. The reason, after the 1950s, certainly, they stopped allowing freejacks or adamics access to that world other than as a guard or something, not even that anymore, is because there ARE examples of rising stars seeing the reptoid/nephilim reality and raving about it. Famous case?

Frances Farmer.

Look her up. She was a rising star who saw too much. But because she was a rising star, the newsies and people listened to her mad ravings. About gang rape, reptoids, lizard men, et al.

She ended up committed to an insane asylum and lobotomized. Nice.

Then, after she was gang raped in the asylum over and over again, they polished her up and put on her own live tv shows as a vegetable. Smirking the whole while. After the Farmer incident, from what I found, they never let non reptoids - regardless of beauty or talent - ever get in the system again.

That's why. 

And that's every aspect from the movies to government. 

It's why I say these last 30 years, IT'S ALL OF THEM.

Don Bradley

Lesbian, pilot, pioneer, nephilim. Amelia.