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Friday, September 17, 2021

Enoch, Sprites, and the Firmament Elul 9


80:1 In those days, the angel Uriel responded and said to me, “Behold, I have shown you everything, Enoch, and I have revealed everything to you so that you might see this sun, this moon, and those that guide the stars of heaven as well as all those who interchange their activities and their seasons and rotate their processions.
80:2 In respect to their days, the sinners and the winter are cut short. Their seeds shall lag behind in their lands and in their fertile fields, and in all their activities upon the earth. He will turn and appear in their time, and withhold rain; and the sky shall stand still at that time.
80:3 Then the vegetable shall slacken and not grow in its season, and the fruit shall not be born in its proper season.
80:4 The moon shall alter its order, and will not be seen according to its normal cycles.
80:5 In those days it will appear in the sky and it shall arrive in the evening in the extreme ends of the great lunar path, in the west. And it shall shine more brightly, exceeding the normal degree of light.
80:6 Many of the chiefs of the stars shall make errors in respect to the orders given to them; they shall change their courses and functions and not appear during the seasons which have been prescribed for them.
80:7 All the orders of the stars shall harden in disposition against the sinners and the conscience of those that dwell upon the earth. They the stars shall err against them the sinners; and modify all their courses. Then they the sinners shall err and take them the stars to be gods.
80:8 And evil things shall be multiplied upon them; and plagues shall come upon them, so as to destroy all.