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Saturday, May 1, 2021

A time of Peace, a time of War

A time of Peace, a time of War

Don Bradley

May 1st 2021



Staying away from the vaxxed is an impossibility. Turns out, this is a plague, it is touching us all, every family, the world over. Even the enemy. Vaxx avoidance is nigh impossible.

In point of fact, it's too late.

I write this in the midst of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Which for myself, has been thus far a glorious time of contact, joy, singing and dancing in the fields and hills, and revelation on every spiritual level. It has been a week of Peace unlike any other in my life. Even amid this turmoil, uncertainty, and direness of the times. Deer, birds, and all matter of the mountains visits every day. Oh Happy Peace. A wonderful time of fellowship, wonder, and Grace. A time of breaking through the old crystallizations that have always held me back and prevented being that better man we can be...and should be.

At the very same time, I find myself wading through the very worst information, reality, and demonic events of history. Beyond telling, it's that bad. The things coming into view are so very off the charts horrendous.

We who have not chosen this horrific, evil thing to be in our temples, and in whom our names are in the book of life, are not condemned to perdition as this plague goes forward. There are ten plagues, each a strike against Gadreel's captains who embody the perfidy of an abomination we call sin. Each Great Sin on our world is championed and energized by one of these ten. Their names are known to us, though we should and shall not, speak them. A plague will and can only affect the person in that sin, of which they partake. Selah.

Sin is violation of the law. The Ten Commandments are known to us all. That which you do will affect you. If you are a liar, the plague of that sin will affect you.

The 2nd plague is the Way of Truth shall be hidden from you. When you can no longer tell a truth from a lie.

The 3rd plague is reason and reasoning, the ability to cogitate, shall leave you. Even the day of the week, one's own name, takes some thought and then even...

These three plagues are now extant upon the land and grow in power every single day.

This is that time, twixt the 2nd and 3rd Trumpets, where

They which dwell upon earth shall be taken in a great number 2 ESDRAS 5-1

Though the last 3rd of the 2nd Trumpet has yet to be revealed, we approach the 3rd.

This will be interpreted according to a person's inclinations. Many versed in Eschatology will find their preconceived notions getting in the way of things, as it did with me. We have to dump everything; begin anew. See afresh.

The evidence and facts are a reality, easily verified however. The Trumpets have been sounding for years, aside from the fakes and clumsy hoax jobs the satanic cabal has done. I have heard them. We will hear them again. It seems as quick as the real trumpets are revealed on video, they are removed and replaced with fakes or just removed. The videos I could find three years ago, can no longer be found ANYWHERE. The proof is vanishing as fast as it emerges. The Beast is that desperate to block Yeshua and His Holy Way. Folks put their evidence on Twitter and Tik Tok and that is a big mistake. The blood drinkers rule technology and they HATE all things Holy, Good, and True.

When the Beast appears so will the Witnesses and the Ark of the Covenant.

They will stand as a Glory to YHVH Elohim. A light in the darkest of times. A Beacon of Righteousness in an unrighteous world.

We can see with the vax weapon, for that is what it is, they have unleashed a Great Plague on this Earth. They were telling the truth. We cannot go back to the old normal because that is now a genetic impossibility. Selah.

As in the days of Moshe, we are given flight from Egypt/Babylon, from which we must come out. Sin and its elements, must be removed from our lives. In their place come the gifts of Righteousness. And these little genetic upgrades.

He loves us very, very much.

As unrighteousness spreads forth among the wicked, let also Righteousness and Peace spread among His People.

For we are His People. All of us in the book of life.

See to your own salvation with all diligence this day.


Thursday, January 7, 2021

Descent into Darkness

 January 7th, 2021 Descent into Darkness

by Don Bradley


It is clear to anyone not in the satanic coven club or possessed by demonic intelligences that the cloud of evil just got immensely thicker, blacker, and is upon us all, regardless of spiritual affiliation. If you are a reader of this and my other sites, you know precisely what I am talking about.

No more hopeful "we are winning" jingoism. That time is well past.

We lost THE BIG ONE yesterday.

I cannot stress enough how grounded in reality we must now become, facing the future of this country and the world. For the beast is now in TOTAL control of this country, from the tranny running the corner gas station to the darkest halls of power in our nation's capitol.

I have been listening this past year to exactly what the coven controlled assets in politics, media, government, education, all of them...all of them have been saying. Being essentially angry, vain, and filled with the bile of satanic hate, the freak brigade is never, ever happy. How can they be? Their very modality is one of pain, hate, cruelty.

Which is what we've seen for four long years. Cruelty to decency and good people, hate of innocent children to the point of setting freak predators in clown makeup to destroy their minds; hate filled actions of anything that is normal, wholesome, good, and true.

And they want the WHOLE WORLD to be exactly like them: demon infested souls unable to slake their lust for debauchery, destruction, and death.

What's to stop them? And whom?

All legal and moral avenues have been tried. All failed. Quite obviously proving my decades long declaration that THE SATANIC NETWORK CONTROLS EVERYTHING in our time. My family has heard it so much, they just roll their eyes. "Here he goes again..."

As stated previously and WARNED ABOUT FOR YEARS by moi, this time was the LAST TIME, any fair and lawful option to retain our freedoms was open to us.

  • There will be no more fair and free elections in this world. Certainly not in the USA. Electronic voting and the FIX will always BE IN. Always.

  • The new approved—and only that—religion will be satanism. Any form of worship to the Most High God that is YHVH and our King, Yeshua Jesus Christ is to be outlawed. They've declared it. They are making it so. Soon, KJV bibles and then ALL bibles, will be outlawed. Anything that declares the blood of the Lamb will be erased from everywhere.

  • By year's end, 12 months from now, we will be an openly communist country. No rights, no privileges, no ownership (unless a coven member). Find and download while you can The Gulag Archipelago—Solzhenitsyn's literary-historical record of the vast system of prisons and labor camps that came into being once communism came into power. That's here. That is NOW. For they have created hundreds of these all over Mexico, Canada, and here in the USA. Guess who gets to go there under the pretense of even being in the vicinity of the fake virus pandemic? This is what CONTACT TRACING is really about. Time to face this ugliest of facts.

  • Do you trust and have a relationship with Almighty God? Every resource going forward will be leveled at your destruction courtesy of carefully crafted FALSE FLAGS designed to demonize Christians of any kind of stripe or faith system, protestant or catholic or whatever. Do not doubt this. It will come to a crescendo this year. Trump was correct: they are after us, not him. He was just in the way. That time is past, thanks to the nephilim assets who betrayed him and us, at every turn.

  • Expect the mark of the beast to flood our world with satanic zombies. Even now, they are passing mark of the beast laws, in Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Europe, China (of course) and also here, starting with WI, NY, and CA. This time is known biblically as the TRIBULATION OF THE SAINTS. Those who do not accept this mark will be sent to the camps. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. It means death and slaughter, on an organized, wholesale arrangement. The Chinese have perfected this gulag system in their own country. They have murdered some 60 million Christians since WW2, and murdered countless other millions for no other reason than the government said so. If the commie says you have to die they do not need a reason for you or anyone. You'll see.

  • Expect also, the Ark of the Covenant to be revealed. The four angels that guard the Ark will make it known to the world. This is and will be, humanity's last free will act. To choose: simply, God or the Devil. Pick one. Ron Wyatt demonstrated this is so and it will be. God Bless Jacob. The dead in Christ are the lucky ones. They get to miss this darkest of historical times.

  • The camps are NOT about covid of any version. They are about removing any sign or semblance of God in the world. And you, dear God loving folks, ARE that sign and semblance. They've erased Him from schools, closed the churches (not strip clubs though), and have banned reading the bible openly in public in most locales. Try it sometime and watch what happens to you in short order.

  • Every ugly vice and debasement of civilization will not only be encouraged, but funded by government. Obviously, this has been the case for awhile, as some know. But expect it as a FREEDOM OF RIGHTS nonsense to push humanity downward at every available turn.

  • False Flags beyond what has come before will and already are, scheduled to fall on sabbaths, special satanic dates, et al. To get the guns. The guns go in 2021. A great many patriots will die, but most will give them up for safety. And that's when it's game over. Once they get them—and they will get them—expect all the worst of Stalin/Mao systems to be rapidly deployed nationwide. Look to China. There is your example of the new America. Oh, you can't. Because the commies have the lid so tightly screwed upon the people that learning the REAL TRUTH of that satanic system is nigh impossible. Just ask the refugees from ANY COMMUNIST COUNTRY. And they are all shouting right now about the dangers of the commies OPENLY RULING IN OUR LAND. This is of a fact, coming. There will be a grace period of 72 hours to turn them in, after that, a long prison sentence. Most will comply. Not all, but most. To avoid prison. They only ensure, at that moment, of being later taken in anyways, on some other pretext.

  • By year's end, the controls over travel, buying and selling, et al will be in full on motion, visibly so for all to see. And there is no one and no thing to stop it. Once they have the guns, finish. Remember George Washington's third vision.

  • Artificial shortages, starting in February. And then continuing to build until they collapse the system and the dollar. This is the seed of their Great Reset coming into view. Shortages. No milk, because of a fake bacterial scare with the cows. Then the wheat and meat products. And on and on and on, until food becomes a scarcity to be had by social credit. That's right. Your ability to buy food will largely depend upon two things: 1. having the vaccine stamp on your hand and 2. being a loyal and good little satanist shit. I use that language purposely. Their souls live below the sewers in the darkness, where we dump human waste, our shit. It's a fitting moniker for the baby killers.

  • This all starts FOR REAL on the witches black sabbath of Imbolc, February 2nd.

  • Kamala the demon will also begin her ascent to the throne on or about Imbolc. It is the spirit of Jezebel you will see, in her meat sack. In fact, that possession has already taken place, as I have demonstrated repeatedly ad nauseoum. This heartless sub human entity knows only corruption and death. She won't even hide it anymore. You will see, on TV, more and more of her physical transformation into this freakish abomination. And no one will say a thing, because the truth tellers and awakeners will already be silenced, as is now ongoing. 

  • Gas shortages, then rationing. To the “right” people, they can get as much as they like. In WW2 where they instituted gas rationing, it turned out later that there were no shortages and the rationing was a fiction to bring hardship and the reality of war to the home front. It was a psyop. And it will be again. All these shortages will be FAKE.

  • Shortages in medicine and pain killers. Expect mass suffering for long term chronic pain sufferers. Cancer patients, trauma victims, no matter. All will find, the days of easy medicine ARE OVER.

I could go on. There is much to say. There is much that is known. It doesn't matter. The above is enough. The satanists have been telegraphing, revealing their plans for the last 18 months. Was anybody listening? I was. I am.

Please listen now.


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Actual footage from China, CNov virus kills within...

The Daily Messenger: Actual footage from China, CNov virus kills within...: Thousands are dying daily in China.
Footage represents one district, in parts, in one province.  In China,
the word on the street is that each Province is giving up about 30,000
dead per day and that number is from January 27th, 2020.

This is a bio-weapon. We are being lied to.

When it lands
here, and IT ALREADY HAS, and you get it, you will not see the sunset
the same day. It is a SAME DAY KILLER. Shortness of breath in the
morning, dead by evening.

All victims have one report only. It is this.

Shortness of breath, then loss of consciousness. They never saw the sunset from them on.

Thousands of
vans go up and down streets collecting bodies to keep them from piling
up, etc. That's about all they can do. Everything they try to help the
patient does not work. Any videos of patients walking out of hospitals
cheering happily ARE STAGED. Be advised.

Minimize your
contact with strangers. Get a surgical mask NOW, not LATER, if you must
go out. This is an airborne disease. Get focused. Make a food run etc of
what you need for the next week and get it done NOW, not LATER. It is
believed the chemtrail planes are the vectors of this weapon.

You've been warned.

YouTube banned me from uploading this video. 

You know me. I
don't do the fear thing, never have. But I've seen too much smuggled
footage from China to hold back any longer, now that they are admitting
that it is in LA, Chicago, San Diego, and a few other cities. If true,
then those people are already dead. And the media is acting like its no
big deal, go back to sleep.

They ARE NOT SLEEPING IN CHINA. Everything has come to a complete stop, commerce wise. Everything.

Keep your
immune system popping. Sunlight for Vitamin D, colloidal supplements for
vitamins and minerals, and real juices from real plants and vegetables.
Those are your only defense, because the mechanism this weapon is
deployed through is THE COMMON COLD.


Here is a video - while it lasts - on bitchute.