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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Your Technology is all you have

Your Technology is all you have

Don Bradley  AV12

August 10, 2022

But as we know, you demonic, bloodline elite and your minions on down the satanic ranks to the crappy coven off some weed grown side street in Mexico real first mistake was trusting demons for a plan. They only want your downfall. Each and every one of you. 

The demons know where they going to; they were judged a long time ago.

Indeed, you've spent the treasury, as we used to say a long time ago, 

  • setting up quite a amazing underground network of DUMBS, labs, hospitals, lodgings, CNC sites, etc all over the place. All hidden. Connected underground and around the world. Do you have a  plan for removing trillions of tons of water from all that?
  • All those CIA/cartel tunnels for children, drugs, people, troops...oops.
  • You've got all those fancy anti gravity silver spheres that are your real surveillance.
  • That 5G grid must be costing a fortune as you rush to complete the work at the double quick. You actually believe this will turn the tide back into your favor, so you can retain the initiative and ever downward you go, as ever upward the demonic hordes that are going to HUNT YOU, when the time comes.   
  • Let's face it, firing old 1950s era tech rockets and missiles into the oceans is so yesterday, am I right? That stuff ooo and awed the world back when I was a boy, but no one believes that silliness now and the rest don't care. You do it all to snow job the kiddies, to control the young people.
  • Super computers beyond D Wave and the rest of your horrific grid control system are just not going to mean very much this year and after.

 We know you are going to destroy some key dams. You are going to murder a great deal of people. He knows all that you do and think. 

To the point, then.

You no longer have the world to do what you will. You never did. You were given time to change, repent, and turn to Christ, the way and the Truth. All you did was wreck the place, for thousands of years.

There is no point though in going through your sins. The four angels that go before the whole Earth have written all. They write still.

There are those among you, the damned, that can repent and should do so. Come out of your covens and demonic assemblages whether you be a VooDoo practitioner from Haiti or a witch from Salsbury. Let go the weak gentiles in your grasp  and let them be free unto the Light of the Son Of YHVH,  Yeshua. 

Repent and expect mercy. You will get it.

For but a short time is left. 

Events are already in motion. This is just a beginning. A gentle breeze upon the brow of the world. 

Before the real storms come.

For the remnant that is responding to this call, know this. You are loved and looked after, every single one of you. His Hand is Upon You All. This is of a certain. 

You will see and hear strange and often, terrifying things, but let them be, for they must come to pass. ALL OF IT. You however, are protected, loved, and looked after so fear not. He  loves you, the Most High God and His Son Yeshua. He has never lost a lamb yet, not from since the Beginning. Though you may stray, and stumble to the left and to the right, He is there to straighten out your way for you and keep you whole. So be courageous, firm, and strong for others, for all will be called to help those around us who do not understand this world. Be that fearless, doing soul and be blessed.


Ruth 3
10And he said, Blessed be thou of YHVH, my daughter: for thou hast shewed more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning, inasmuch as thou followedst not young men, whether poor or rich.


Monster Thunderstorms ongoing 8-10-22

 This Morning

Texas and New Mexico gets some more non existent drought.

This Afternoon

Everybody from Nevada to Georgia gets obvious extra drought to go with their French Fried climate change.

6-7 inches every single day and night. Each state gets a rotation day off every so many days. Not a single person has died from these storms. However, having said that, expect sandy hoax style fictional reports of mass death and the like now.

Monsoon remains active, storms statewide 8-10-22