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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Demonic attachments - hitch hikers

by Don Bradley

Ahhh...the witch. Belly button piercings (item is hexed to a particular demon for erotic sex without love and as a spell that seduces potential lovers. Look for multiple ear piercings for the same reason. And finally, they have SIGIL tattoos on the base of the spine, back of the neck and so on, so their hitch hikers can anchor more closely to their corporeal existence. But all women have that nowadays, you say. No they don't. Though more and more young ex-ladies do such retarded things, led by the peer pressure of lesbian witches in their social circle. These are outer signs of a inner spiritual condition.

But the biggest tell is their nasty, narcissistic  self-love. Themselves above all else. These women are always put in charge, run things, and are crazy making, gas-lighting, chaos creators. They often wear a permanent scowl on their face, like they are always unhappy - for they are. Also, they usually surround themselves with like minded women, who bitch bitch bitch endlessly. It's always someone's fault outside themselves, being incapable of self-examination to see their own faults. The blood in their veins is soured, as is their speech and energy. That's the 2nd set of tells.

I run into them all the time.  I keep as far away from them as possible. God help the man that falls under their spell. He is F'd.

Best thing to do is to call down the fire of the Holy Spirit to clear out and cleanse them of the myriad demonic hitch hikers they carry with them. You are doing the world a favor if you do. And them as well. You are helping them, because they refuse to help themselves.

Yahua Elohim...I ask and pray on the name and blood of Yeshua that the demons of this woman be cast out and the Jezebel spirit of Semiramis. That you send these demons to the dry places, cut the cords between them and the dark principalities in High places, and banish them to Sheol. Return to her spells, serving darkness, practicing deception, and otherwise engage in all manner of wickedness against the world here this day and all days. return to her 100 fold and manner of making, curses, spells, and craft sent against any one. I ask this on the name and blood of Yeshua, which as commanded whence so asked, will be honored. Thank you in abundance for your protection and blessings. Amen.

Women such as these intentionally marry men of LIGHT, have a couple of kids with them. Their next move is to divorce the husband while having several affairs with his friends and then, once they get custody - which of course they always do - they then proceed to make their children's lives a living hell. Incapable of love, they BUY affection with trips, clothes, all the while guilt tripping the poor dears every chance they get. Very often, out of desperation and a childhood of stunted upbringing, the kids turn to suicide. It is from women such as these, that our young people want to and end up, killing themselves.

They are perfect C...s. 

Click on pic to see full size

A witch. Her energy and eyes are the first tell that she has a heart of stone. Now look to the right of her face. Ahhh...the demon attached, the one that is active at the moment. She has more than a dozen, as they so often do. Look beyond the superficial beauty, if any. And what about that smell? These "women" smell bad and often use perfume to hide their stink. These women are Jezebel, narcissists, and are here to burn you down. And she knows it.