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Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Karen gangstalking coven problem

Here is what you do about it.

Open your right hand, palm facing your assailant, just like raising your hand to shoulder height. Then...

"I rebuke you in the name and blood of Yeshua The Christ and bind you. Amen."


Given what we have to face in the upcoming, the dead will in these days be looked upon as the lucky ones. Their suffering is over. By the time they have a chance to "come again", this world will be a completely different place. A literal paradise, to the reality we live in now.

I say this knowing full well so many are departing under horrendous circumstances and exits. Even so.

Sounds awful, but...

Once people come to the understanding that the Karen issue is one of demonic hitchhiker attachments on those who follow Lucifer, rather than Yeshua. Then it's really going to hit the fan.

Because every body will know. The prophecy in Esdras comes true, people will revert to their true inner nature and good or bad, it will shine for all to see.

No more will those that pretend to deceive by being leaders, educators, christians, pastors, celebrities, etc be able to mask over what they really are. Snakes in the grass, vipers among the lambs. They will not be able to control or mask it any longer. And as each day goes by, they lose more and more control as the demonic hitch hikers take deep and more outward control.

IN the presence of the Real Body of Christ, these cannot help themselves. They rage inwardly at his Holy Presence. And that rage is what we are seeing.

I was advised a week ago in prayer that this was the case and decided to search this phenomena and within ONE HOUR, found plenty of Full Close Up videos and you can clearly see these "karets (Karens)" shift into slits, eyes going black, then the demonic shine...that glare of the presence of the Lawless One. I am going to cobble together of bunch of these clips, to illustrate the point. Do a search on KARENS IN THE WILD, on youtube, before they start deleting these clips.

Interesting times. As said, once this is understood, a whole new reality and awakening for a great many blind souls, as it has been for so very long.