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Saturday, March 23, 2019

A great service to your community, in less than 30 seconds

Thing is this...the satanists, in all stripes and colors, serve Lucifer/Satan, no matter what name they use, in what language. They are all about YOUR and YOUR FAMILY'S destruction. You must understand this. 

There is a simple and effortless way to waylay their evil plans which COSTS YOU NOTHING but  seconds of your time.  30 little seconds.

Here is what you do. 

Say this simple prayer

Dear Father/Yeshua, I ask in the NAME AND BLOOD OF YESHUA OUR SAVIOR, that you block, waylay, return to sender, all spells, hexes, rituals aimed at MY (insert name of your town). Please send your warrior angels to thwart their plans, undo their magik, and render them impotent. AMEN.

That's it.

Pretty easy. And the results? Absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, our preachers, teachers, pastors, online personalities, NEVER TEACH THIS ONE EASY RULE OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE. NOT A ONE OF THEM.

30 little seconds.

Ojai Valley...looks perfect in every way, yes? Yes, Dad's creation is perfect. However, the whole valley has been taken over by the Satanic left and Hollywood. There are more than 2 hundred covens in this valley, and the largest gay/lesbo population in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. See, looks can be deceiving.

Go you one better. Print out this short prayer, which is like a nuclear weapon against these demonic freaks, and tape it near your monitor. So you see it every day. To remind you of the AWESOME POWER WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN FROM ON HIGH.

THIS WORKS. It is a great and wonderful weapon against evil.

And the witches and devils fear like NO OTHER THING, SAVE YESHUA.


Goes without saying, please share with others like minded. that is the point, strength in numbers, for prayers are as joy and incense in Heaven.