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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Missing Hikers 

Notice that most of the dates are witches black sabbath dates, like Dyatlov. These are satanically lured people who have corrupted nafesh's, into a kill zone by demonics. That's the usual event, in brief. The details are well supplied on MIssing 411. All the details are usually similar in every respect, save in age and disposition/occupation.

Other dates include double 11s in the numerology aspect of these kills.

This is all about blood for Moloch. ALL OF IT.

Pray before hiking, even with a large group. Numbers wont' save you. Ever. Even individuals in large groups can be made to go away, right while everyone is standing around. It happens all the time. Even Dave Paulides reports it.

Some know they are to be a sacrifice; a coven has ordered them in. They must obey. Most have no idea why no matter which trail they are on, it always leads to the same place. Then the sun goes down...fear until midnight, the kill hour.

This is such a common thing, it should be taught in families to young children. It would save tens of thousands of lives.