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Monday, August 23, 2021

It's a map UPDATED

For those who want to take the next step of Earth truth. The moon's image is of Earth as it actually was, several thousand years ago and is pretty much the same today.

There are NO satellite pictures of earth from Nasa, just composite paintings as they state, over and over again. Gee, why?

This is why.

Because to even put a high altitude balloon up there with cameras would reveal the truth, they don't want you to know. Our known world is only one third of the area of the earth plane. Our sun and moon move in a tight circle over the lower right of the pic.

The map the moon reveals to us each full moon reveals also two continents that no longer exist in our time. Lemuria and Atlantis. Or, at least that's the labels we currently ascribe to those now missing lands in our time. 

Also, this map was burned onto the disc before the flood of Noah. The map has changed since that event, hence the missing lands and slight loss of coastline in most cases, but not much. It all checks out. The points check; the distances are DEAD ON. The works. And there are three more layers about the whole thing to be covered in the next section. 

It's a fact of life. Anyone IN THE WORLD can pull up any full moon image and check it out themselves. You paid liars out there are going to have a tough time getting out of this one. Here it is. In our faces. The map from the days before the flood, we assume creation.

The last time our sun moved between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn was 6000 years ago. Around the biblical time of creation.

Enjoy, brothers and sisters. 

Time to peel another layer of the onion of truth. 

Plasma disc inverted or mirrored

The full plasma disc we see in the sky

Our known world, the lower right area.

The detail...

Time Zones

Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn - when created

The known world highlighted and the unknown world outside the ice wall of that highlighted area.

The unknown us.

Even the flight paths and DISTANCES check out the same as stated on flight schedules by airlines. And there's much, much more.